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It's Different For Girls

2007-07-12 - 11:51 a.m.

Day off today. Laundry, and then videos. Probably.

Last night I got it into my head to install my old NES system. I wound up playing Super Mario Bros. for about a half hour.

There's no school like old school.


Okay. Before we get to the usual political nonsense, we note in this space the passing of Lady Bird Johnson.

From all I've read, this was a woman of grace, dignity, and class.

She lived a long full life. May she now rest.


In the It's YOUR Fault, Too Dept.:

Interesting little news tidbit here from the Washington Post:

An eagle-eyed Senate GOP aide, perusing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Web site, calls attention to her assertion there that "Americans are paying more than double for gas than when President Bush first took office."

She says the average price per gallon when he took office in 2001 was $1.47 and had reached $3.22 by May 21.

So that means gas prices went up by $1.75 a gallon over six years. But more than half of that increase, 90 cents, our source says, has come in the past six months -- the six months that she's been speaker of the House. Our source says the average price per gallon on Jan. 3, the day before she became speaker, was $2.32.

If you go over here, you'll see that crude oil prices have gone up $15 in the past six months. Yes, it has gone up substantially over Bush's time in office. But demand worldwide has increased.

And think about this, please: if Bush is manipulating prices, wouldn't he have manipulated them during the 2004 election? According to the price listings, the prices rose from $20 at the start of 2004 to $44.27 during the week before the election. Wouldn't it make sense that, IF Bush could control oil pricing, he'd LOWER it so that gas prices would drop and he could claim that the Republicans are doing a good job?

Matter of fact, the prices went down AFTER the election. If Bush could control prices, wouldn't he have raised them after he'd been re-elected?


Interesting article here from Bruce Chapman about the Fairness Doctrine.

If liberals want talk radio stations to broadcast opposing opinions to be fair, fine. But that should apply to ALL media, shouldn't it? Like NPR? PBS? ABC? NBC? Newspapers? Or - dare I say it...HOLLYWOOD??

Wouldn't that be "fair"?


Well, I have things to accomplish.


Be seeing you.


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