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This House Is Not A Home

2007-07-17 - 10:48 a.m.

Well, yesterday turned out MUCH better than Sunday.

We finally got the parts to fix the bowling games. With a little help from my co-workers, I climbed into the belly of the beast, ready for more problems.

This time, there weren't any. The new parts fit perfectly, and they were just as easy to install as advertised. Six computer-style connections, and boom - done. All four lanes are now up and running.

But as I was boxing up the old parts to send back for credit...suddenly I got a bloody nose. It lasted all of about thirty seconds, but STILL...

The thing's posessed, I tell ya.


Then it gets even better.

Over a year ago, I met a very nice actress whose work I've enjoyed for several years. Well, last night she returned - and she remembered me! We got to chat for a little, but otherwise I left her alone. She was on a date with her boyfriend, so I just treated her like a normal customer.

It must've worked - when they left, she AND her guy thanked me and said they'd see me soon.

She's still a really sweet young lady. Nice to know that stardom didn't screw her up like SOME people we all know.

Finally, I made it home. I had one of the Healthy Choice dinners. The dessert was a caramel crunch thingie, and the scent was so sickly sweet I got nauseous. Since I wasn't going to eat it anyway, I sent it down the drain. Then I could eat in peace.

The rest of it was fine. Next time, I'll pry out the dessert BEFORE I nuke.


Okay, here's the story.

An elderly couple may lose their home because they didn't pay their property tax:

Kermit and Dolores Atwood could lose their home because they didn't pay a $1.63 tax bill that was sent to the wrong address in 1996.

The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune says the Atwoods didn't pay the property taxes on their four-bedroom house and it was sold at a 1997 tax sale for $1.63 plus $125.10 worth of interest and fees.

"We found out about it seven days after the three-year redemption period ended," Dolores tells the paper.

The local assessor voided the tax sale, but the buyer filed a lien and sued to get the property.

Because of the lien, they can't sell the house, which was damaged during Hurricane Katrina. Dolores, 69, now lives in a FEMA trailer on the property. Kermit, 71, is on a respirator and lives with relatives.

"I don't know how much more I can endure," Dolores says. "I wake up in the middle of the night, and it's on my mind. All this should have never happened."

Nice, huh?


And in other government silliness...boy, that TSA list really works, don't it??


Today I go to get my tires rotated, and grab a decent bite of lunch.

Then, of course, work.

Be seeing you.


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