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2007-07-20 - 1:11 p.m.

Yesterday I got something I'd wanted to get since last year: the entire series of MASH on DVD.

"MASH - The Martinis And Medicine Collection" went on sale last November or so for about $200 - which is a bargain, compared to the $30-40 per season price. It had all 11 seasons of the show and - as added bonuses - two DVDs of extras AND the original theatrical release, all in one package.

By the time I went to order it - after Christmas - it wasn't available anymore. I could have gotten it on eBay, if I wanted to pay over $400. Or I could get it (without the extra discs) for less than $50 from shippers in China...and those sets were most likely bootlegs.

So I had pretty much resigned myself to buying the seasons. But last week I saw an ad that Amazon had the full set for less than $150. I hadn't bought any extra fun stuff in awhile, so I grabbed.

Yesterday I picked it up from the PO. It's huge - about the size of the hardback edition of The Dark Tower. Inside are four folders that hold 9 DVDs each, a small book with summaries of all the episodes, and a nifty little clipboard with the MASH logo.

But the sleeve are all paper pockets - the discs aren't secured from movement.

You guessed it - some of the discs managed to get loose during shipping. There are superficial scratches on the season 11 discs and the bonus discs.

So I spent the better part of the afternoon and evening watching the discs, looking for skips. I made it through all the episodes of season 11 - including the finale - and about half of the first bonus disc. So far, so good - everything plays well.

Today I'll finish the bonus discs, and maybe Sunday I'll watch the movie.

I really don't want to go through the hassle of returning it. I will if I must, but I'd rather not.


Tomorrow - well, technically tonight at midnight - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be officially released. Yes, I'll get it...most likely on Sunday, after work. I'm not the kind of guy who does midnight sales or midnight movie premieres. I'll wait till a decent hour.

But this guy got his copy last Tuesday, four days before release.

What did he do? Did he post spoilers? No. He put it up on eBay, and you'll be surprised at who bought it.


Well, somebody finally said it - planning to withdraw from Iraq boosts enemy propaganda. And it was said to...well, go read.

The bad news (IMHO): in a CBS/NYT poll, 63% said this person is likely to win the presidency.

Of course, "likely to win" doesn't equal "I'd vote for this person". But then, that wasn't the question.


As I mentioned yesterday, I have jury duty starting Monday.

My posting schedule is going to be screwed up a little. It may be only one day, it may be a week.

I will return. You have been warned.



More MASH extras, and some laundry. And then the band gig.

A (mostly) typical Friday here at Chez Too Old.

Be seeing you.


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Smed - 2007-07-20 16:28:01 -
Actually, the GOP better hopes Clinton does get the nomination, because she is the most conservative Democrat out there, and the most likely to build bridges.


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