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2007-07-30 - 1:14 p.m.

Ah, Sunday.

Went up to the local Linens 'N' Things to get a Honeywell tower fan that had a rebate attached to it...only to find it was sold out. Not a complete loss - I picked up a drying rack that I knew roommate Jim needed and a present for Charlie and Ai Vy (call me for a pick-up time, you two).

I made it home in time to watch the Angels play the Tigers. Brin signed in on Yahoo, and found the game playing on ESPN up in her neck of the woods.

So we're both doing our computer stuff and watching the game. It's the bottom of the first inning. There's this exchange:

Her: this is so cool.
Her: brb afk ggp
Her: now, i'll be away and we'll get fucking THREE RUNS
Her: afk

I kid you not - Gary Matthews Jr. hit a triple that scored two runs, and Macier Izturis followed with a double that scored Matthews. Three runs DID come in.

Brin just about fainted when she came back to the game. She believed the Baseball Gods are still making it up to me for last year.

The Angels batted around two times - in the 1st and the 3rd - and went on to win 13-4.

Then she went to bed and I watched my MASH DVDs until the wee hours.

Oh, I forgot to mention - all the DVDs are okay. The scratches are superficial.


A couple days ago, I mentioned that Daniel Pearl's widow is suing al-Qaeda for the death of her husband. Now comes word that the cities of Fort Worth and San Francisco are suing gang members in an effort to curb gang violence.

Of course the "racial profiling" card got played by the ACLU:

"If you're barring people from talking in the streets, it's difficult to tell if they're gang members or if they're people discussing issues."

Somehow I don't see folks in gang attire pondering global warming.

(Side note: I asked John McLaughlin [Brin's husband] if, considering the money that flows to gangs from drug and gun sales, this could be considered a "deep-pockets" lawsuit. He took into consideration the clothing style of the hanging pants, and he replied that it was more of a "low-pockets" lawsuit. I'm gonna use that line.)

Some other lawsuit news: this story tells of a girl who is suing her high school...because she didn't make the cheerleading squad.

Oh, and you'll also become a registered sex offender - a lifelong thing, by the way - for participating in "Butt-Slap Friday" at your school...even if you're in the seventh grade.


We're more than halfway through the summer season. It's been crazy, but manageable.

Time to hit the shower.

Be seeing you.


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