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2007-07-31 - 12:58 p.m.

Here at Chez Too Old, things are pretty quiet.

We're heading into August and the dog days to summer. Lots of days will be spent just sheltering in place with a fan and a couple big bottles of Gatorade.

I'll still take my walks. Just not in the heat.


Something happened with the bowling games yesterday that I'd never even considered COULD happen.

The bowling pins are attached with cords so that they can reset without having the full-on pinsetter mechanics that a usual bowling alley has. Well, a pin actually got knocked into the ball lifter - and one of the bars that moves the balls lifted it up into the ball lifter. This jammed the ball lifter - and that motor keeps running during the game. So the motor was nicely hot from all the strain.

This time, I played it smarter - I cut the power AND unplugged it. I figured out how to remove the rear access panel to the ball lifter. With that panel off, you can see the bars that move the balls and return them to the bowlers. Since the power was off, it was easy to move the bars backward and free that pin. Amazingly enough, the pin wasn't damaged, and neither was the ball lifter. Very durable equipment.

I put everything together, and it all worked perfectly. I think everything's better now that the cursed equipment is gone.


From the This Used To Be Such A Nice Neighborhood Dept.:

Paris Hilton is selling her home in Hollywood Hills. The price? $4.25 million.

If she's upset about all the paparazzi, well...too bad. She brought it on herself.


This shows how quiet it is, when the only thing to post about is Paris Hilton.

Ah well - maybe something will happen for tomorrow's entry.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

artgnome - 2007-07-31 16:52:51 -
Yeah, it's heating up and slowing us down here as well. I try to remind myself that the summer is almost over and it will cool down again to how I like it soon. I'm glad no injuries were incurred on the bowling machine this time round, well done, sir.


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