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Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

2007-08-02 - 12:52 p.m.

Today was one of the busiest days at work. Over eight hundred kids were scheduled to show up - from day camps, summer schools, etc.

Since I'm working the night shift, I don't have to deal with the kids. I have worked days like this in the past - and it's a madhouse. This time, I get the aftermath - cleaning up.

I just hope the building is still standing.


In the wake of the tragedy in Minnesota comes this report from Washington:

WASHINGTON (AP) The White House said Thursday that an inspection two years ago found structural deficiencies in the highway bridge that buckled during evening rush hour in Minneapolis.

White House press secretary Tony Snow said the 40-year-old Interstate 35W span rated 50 on a scale of 120 for structural stability.

"This doesn't mean there was a risk of failure, but if an inspection report identifies deficiencies, the state is responsible for taking corrective actions," he said.

First lady Laura Bush will visit Minneapolis on Friday to console the victims of the fallen bridge, which buckled during evening rush hour Wednesday, killing at least four people and sending dozens of cars plummeting into the Mississippi River.

Watch this turn political. I notice that Minnesota has both a Republican and a Democrat senator. I wonder how fast the blame will fall on the Republican.

After all, there wasn't a lot of blame cast on the Democrat senator of Louisiana when the levees broke.


Sean Penn is being praised by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez for his stance on the Iraq war.

That's great. The man who is rigidly controlling his country's media, threatens to deport any foreign visitor who speaks out against him, bought the oil fields so he can charge whatever he wants...likes that fact that an actor is speaking out against the Iraq war.

That's like being honored by this group for wanting the border closed.

Some endorsements you just don't need.


Someone asked me once why gas prices go up immediately when the cost-per-barrel price jumps (I'm not talking about minor increases, like a dollar or two - I mean large jumps that cause gas prices to go up 8-15 cents/gallon). One of my favorite writers, economist Walter Williams, explains it better than I could.


Today's title was performed by Sugarloaf. You may know them from a much bigger hit.


And now, prepping for the day.

If you see me at work, I'll be the one manning the push-broom.

Be seeing you.


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