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Out Of This World

2007-08-08 - 12:51 p.m.

Well, he did it.

Barry Bonds hit #756 and is now the home run king.

Now, whatever you feel about Bonds and his use or non-use of steroids, this is a tremendous achievement. And while steroids increase strength, they do nothing for hand-eye coordination. So he still has to be able to time his swing.

That said, I seem to recall him offering to be tested for steroids any time, any place...and then miraculously finding, when testing became policy, that his contract said he didn't have to. During the home run chase, he went out of his way to ignore the media. Once the game was over, he showered and left, telling reporters to leave him alone.

I'm drawing a parallel here to Bill Clinton, of all people. He came out and wagged his finger at America, claiming "I did not have sex with that woman". Then of course it turned out that he did. If he has 'fessed up at the beginning, I think it would have gone easier on him, on the media, and on the US in general.

If Bonds had spent a little more time with the media and been a little nicer, who knows what our attitudes toward him might be?

Well, he did it. So now we can start cheering A-Rod to break it. He hit 500 on Saturday, and he's young with a lot of career ahead.

It could happen. Records are made to be broken.

Especially those seen as tainted.


Speaking of baseball...

Way back here I talked about how the Angels got their fannies kicked by the Red Sox.

Well, now the Angels are getting their revenge. They played Boston on Monday and Tuesday and won both times. Last night they won 10-4.

They play again tonight. I wish I could go, but I must work. I'm going to try to go to at least one more Thursday night game this season.


Al Sharpton is calling for rappers to stop using the n-word and words like "bitch" and "ho". He wants the government-run pension plans -the ones the record companies subscribe to - to withdraw from these companies.

So the money that the employees put into these funds would be removed...probably all the way down to the mail room clerk.

Hey, getting rappers to clean up their acts is a good thing, and I'm glad Sharpton is doing something positive. Why stop at rap lyrics? The rappers are an easy target. Why not try to do something about the entire black, urban, anti-achievement culture that feeds these companies?

Just a thought.


Less than a month left in the summer season. My mantra holds - "three months of chaos is a small price to pay for nine months of quiet"

In the meantime...chaos calls.

Be seeing you.


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