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2007-09-20 - 8:45 a.m.

Well, the Weather Channel desktop widget for my computer says that the storm has been delayed by a day...which hopefully means that the baseball game tonight - the one I have a ticket for - won't be rained out.

As of this writing, the Angels' "magic number" is 3. That means any combination of Angels wins and second-place-team losses that adds up to 3, and the Angels clinch the division. Right now, that second-place-team is the Mariners...and they are the Angels' opponent tonight. So, if the Angels win, the magic number drops to 1 - because it's an Angels win and a Mariners loss. If the Mariners had lost last night, the "magic number" would have been 2, and the win tonight would be the clincher. Sadly, it's not to be.

Well, I'll still have a good time. This is the last home game that I can attend this season. Everything else this year will be on TV, including any post-season play.


Oh, that wacky Hugo Chavez is at it again! He wants to break away from the hourly divisions of time that was "dictated by the imperial United States", so he's having Venezuela's official time set back by 30 minutes.

And this is who Cindy and Sean have chosen to idolize.


Remember the dry-cleaning lawsuit where a dry-cleaner lost a pair of pants and was sued for $65 million (later reduced to $54 million)?

Well, the judge in the case basically told the plaintiff to piss off...and the idiot is appealing.

Well, unfortunately, the family that owned the dry-cleaning place had to close it down.

What's truly disturbing is, the plaintiff - the one who sued for those millions - is a judge.


Well, I have laundry and such to do.

And, I think, a nap.

Then...the game.

Be seeing you.


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Brin - 2007-09-20 12:14:48 -
Gads, you should see the weather widget for San Francisco. The big picture features a shining sun, and the little pic that goes with today's portion of the multi-day forecast is a raincloud. Go figure.


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