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2007-09-21 - 1:04 p.m.

Well, it was quite a time last night.

The forecasted storm didn't happen. It was bright and sunny, with clear skies. So I figured I'd be in for a good time. And I was right.

Before I even got INTO the park, I got an autograph from another Angels broadcaster. Last time it was Rory Markas. This time, it was Jose Mota. Mota was doing a radio interview under one of the big "hats", and I ran to the car and grabbed my notebook. He was very gracious and glad to oblige.

They started letting people into the stadium at 5pm, but didn't open the upper decks until 5:30. I browsed through the team store and picked up an official baseball cap, then sat and watched batting practice for awhile. When they opened up, I went to my seat and read a book I'd brought until 6:30, when the opening festivities started.

Then the game began. The Mariners scored 2 in the third, but the Angels came back with five.

Then the "fun" started.

Angels pitcher Jared Weaver hit Mariners catcher Kenji Johjima in the back in the top of the 4th. The Mariners pitcher, Jorge Campillo, retaliated by throwing at the heads of lead-off batter Jeff Mathis AND DH and power-hitter Vlad Guerrero! After the attempt on Vlad, the plate umpire came out and pointed at Campillo and the two benches. It was obvious what he was saying - no more.

But in the top of the 6th, Campillo threw at Guerrero's head AGAIN.

The ump immediately tossed Campillo. Guerrero got up and started towards the mound. Both benches emptied. There was no brawl, but it came close. Angry words were exchanged. Mike Scoscia got out there and held Guerrero back, which was wise - the Angels are now one game away from being in the play-offs, and suspensions and/or injuries could be devastating.

Eventually, the two teams settled down and went back to the game. The Angels won with a final score of 9-5, dropping their "magic number" to 1. For them to choke, the Angels would have to LOSE every one of the last nine games left in the season, and the Mariners would have to WIN every game. So if the Angels take one more game in this four-game series, that's it.

Oh, a couple of side notes:

  • Jared Weaver has hit a grand total of TWO batters in his major league career, including Johjima last night. He's not a headhunter, so any claims that "Weaver started it" are nonsense.
  • Guerrero answered the first brush-back attempt with a two-run homer...which is of course the best way to do so.

And, when the game was over, they announced that it was Mike Scioscia's 700th win as Angels manager...and the fans that were still there leapt to their feet and cheered.

Including me. Way to go, Mike.


Jesse Jackson is backpedaling, and fast.

He claims he never made the statement that Barack Obama was "acting like he's white". But in the same article, he claims he was "taken out of context".

How can he be "taken out of context" if he never said it?


Gee, Hillary says she wants to be called "progressive" instead of "liberal".

Is she sure about that?


Okay. A bit more laundry, and then the gig tonight.

Hopefully I'll see the Angels clinch their division on the bar TV.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Brin - 2007-09-21 16:16:13 -
Oh man. That's like what happened about ten years ago when Doctor Laura said "No, those pictures aren't mine," and then went on to sue for publication rightsd due to ownership. Oy.


Bob - 2007-09-21 22:46:17 -
"Out of context" = I said something stupid and now I have to figure out a way to cover my stupid comment without looking even dumber.


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