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Smoking In The Boys' Room

2007-09-27 - 12:00 p.m.

Well, the Angels lost yesterday. Hoo boy, did they ever. Texas got five - yes, five - home runs off Angels pitching. The final score was 16-2.

It was a relief to go to work.

Then I spent the entire shift in our lasertag arena prepping it for the weekend. There were several lights that weren't working, and our fog machine was broken. Dealing with it all required lots of time on a ladder and bathing in dust.

The lighting part was easy. Doing the diagnosis on the fog machine - and then packing things up to be shipped to the repair facilities - ate up most of the time.

We may wind up replacing the fog machine. But that's not my call.


Michael Vick has tested positive for marijuana.

I don't get this. He's free on bail. Part of his probation is that he takes drug tests. Why is he smoking pot? All that's going to do is piss off the judge who is going to sentence him.

He's gotta have brain damage from too many hits to the head.


Been watching anime again, so I'm going to dig out this moldy oldie:

Wacky Anime Definitions

3-M (verb) -- Abbrev. of Macross Missile Massacre. Synonym: Scott Bernard.

AKANE (Ah Kahn Ay): (v) To protect someone from an imagined evil, which the
person being protected does not perceive.
Ex: Reagan akaned the US from the "Evil Empire" of the Warsaw Pact.
(This is Akane from the KOR OVA, not the Ranma 1/2 character.)

AKIRA -- v. To reach such a high level of psychic power you can't control.
Ex: Kyousuke akira'd and blew up the disco.

A-KO/B-KO THING (noun) -- A running fight so destructive you can follow
it from a distance just by watching for the smoke.
Ex: Ranma and Ryouga did the A-ko/B-ko thing through the zoo and all
the animals escaped.

BAKA: Japanese word meaning "I love you."

BUBBLEGUM (prefix) -- Roughly equivalent to "Mechacyberpunk-"

CAPT. GLOVAL (verb) -- To act calm, cool, and collected even though you
really have no idea what the Hell to do.

CHAINSAW : (verb) synonym for Macek.

D-LOAD (verb) -- To launch as many missiles from an Armored Veritech/Valkyrie
as it is capable of launching. Usually used against a large number of
targets. WARNING: Avoid doing this while wearing a Dirty Pair T-shirt.
Unexpected things may happen, and it won't be your fault!

DANA STERLING (noun) -- A truly bratty child prodigy.

DIRTY PAIR EVENT (noun) -- Any incredibly destructive and casualty-
causing event which is no-one's fault in particular.
Ex: "Due to a minor Dirty Pair event, Southern China is now mostly

DOSH, Doshko (n/v): A wise man who knows all the answers but can't be
bothered to tell them to you -- you have to find out yourself. As a
verb, to behave as a Dosh.
Ex: "Ben Kenobi really doshed Luke."

EEM (Extra Elimination Mecha) -- n. Any type of mecha designed purely for
making pretty explosions when a non-character is piloting one. Only a
main character has a chance of surviving a battle in one of these and
even then it's iffy.
Examples: from Gundam series', the Zaku and the GM.

FACE FAULT (noun) -- Falling to the ground, landing on your face.
Ex: Lum flew through the door and Ataru did a face fault.

GAINAX (verb) -- To cause an incredible jiggle. (from Daicon IV, Gunbuster,
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia, Wings of Honneamise, Otaku no Video)
Ex: JELL-O Commercial -- "Watch it wiggle, see it gainax, Jell-o brand

GUNDAM (verb) -- To kill a major character off, just as you were beginning to
like them. (from Gundam)
Example: I cried when they gundamed Princess Annas in Windaria.
GUNDAM! (adj.) -- Being an incredible prototype for an otherwise worthless
weapon system. (from Gundam)
Ex: Because of the gundam BusterMachine, it could survive the descend
towards the core of the Black Hole Bomb.

HIKARU (verb) -- (1) To compeletely refuse to have a clue whatsoever to what
is going on around oneself. (2) To refuse to believe that one is being
dumped. (3) to verbally communicate at an annoyingly high pitched
As a noun -- (1) A person who constantly hikaru'd. (2) A person who
everyone else try to "protect" by keeping him/her clueless, with the
connotation of being gullible enough to be so.

HUH? (verb) -- To express surprise before being hit by something very large
and/or dangerous from a totally unexpected direction.
[Eg: every second scene from the dub of Akira]

KANEDA (verb) -- (1) To be extraordinarily lucky, or get away with something
that physics and/or common sense tends to frown upon. (2) To avoid a

KAOS (n): A deus-ex-machina, often in the form of a wizard who COULD
do everything that all the heroes do, but can't seem to be bothered.
See also DOSH(ko).

KEI (verb) -- To lose one's temper with very destructive results.

KICK-ASS MODE (noun) -- An obvious change in the plot of an anime, sometimes
accompanied by a change in the appearance of characters or mecha or
starships, that implies that the good-guys will now "kick ass" and beat
the holy sh*t out of their opponents.

KIRK (v): To break or severely test the Prime Directive.
Ex: "This used to be a great planet 'til they kirked it."

KYOUSUKE (Kee Yous Kay): (v) (1) To end up with exactly what you -didn't-
want, due to inaction or merely fate. (2) To end up in a ridiculous
situation which, you are sure, could only happen to you.
Ex: Darrell kyosuke'd himself when he proved unable to decide what
classes to take until they were all already full.

LISA HAYES: v. To be a coldhearted bitch to possible love interests; to
suddenly break down and whine about how life is hard at a person you
have been a coldhearted bitch to.
Ex: "Jenny Lisa Hayes'd on Brian? I thought she hated him!"
adj. Someone with really volatile mood swings.

MACEK (verb) -- To rewrite a story according to your own preferences, with no
regard for the original material.
Ex: Jim macek'd "King Lear" and gave it a happy ending.

MADOKA (Mah Doe Ka): (v) (1) To discover one has an unexpected innate
ability/forte just in the nick of time. (2) To subdue an opponent
with such an unexpected and untrained ability.
Ex: Max madoka'd Myria when they first played an arcade fighter game.

MINMEI (noun) -- Exceedingly cute female character with large eyes that
shimmer frequently. Cranial content is usually somewhat lacking.
Synonym: Space Woo-woo.

MINMAY (verb) -- Behaving in the fashion of a Minmei.
Ex: HEY! Can't you read? The sign says "No Minmaying"!

MITAKA (me-talk-ahh) -- v. To glint dramatically (with or without sunlight)
with sound effects. Often associated with teeth, swords and mecha.
(from Maison Ikkoku)
Ex: Kyosuke panicked when he saw that Ayukawa's tennis instructor
had teeth that mitakaed.

NABIKI (verb) (1) To put money before all other considerations, like common
courtesy. (2) To scheme a plot to make a profit by manipulating other
people ruthlessly.
Ex: Kyousuke nabiki'd Master to get a pay raise.

ORANGE ROAD MOMENT (noun) -- An incident where the male lead trips or
something and winds up face-to-face with the female lead.

PARN (verb) -- To charge headlong into the nearest foe only to bounce off due
to inferior skill/power. Note this is different from Uwaa (q.v.) in
that said person survives the incident.
Ex. Kou parned to GP01 and attacked Gato only to be beaten repeatedly in
episodes 1 & 2 of Gundam 0083.

PRISS (verb) -- "to Priss" means to take one hell of a beating but go on to
win the fight. qv most of the BGC shows, especially Bubblegum Crisis
6: Red Eyes, in which Priss is shot by a satellite laser, stabbed with
a knife, and shot with a spine from her own spine-thrower, but still
wins out against Largo in the end.
Ex: The boxer was just one punch away from KO, but he Prissed to win
the bout.

RAA (adj.) -- Anything with an EXTRAORDINARILY high trash/interesting stuff
Ex: The presidential debates were so raa that I just turned the TV off.

RAND (verb) -- "to Rand" means to be completely clueless about how something
operates, so just start pushing buttons hoping you hit the right one.
(Episode 2 of the Robotech: New Generation series).
Ex: "Michael Knight didn't know how KITT worked the first time he got
in, so he just Randed it."

RANMA (verb) -- To be unable to let yourself come in second in anything.
Ex: Shampoo Ranma'd and entered herself in a cat show.

REI (adjective) -- Really hot.
Ex: Madoka played the guitar so Rei her amp caught on fire.

ROBOTECH (ro' bo tek) -- v. (1) To take various bits of plotline which are
not at all connected and jam them together until they almost fit into
one continuous story. (2) In missiles, to scatter in a random direction
after launch, then converge from several directions on the target.
(Thought to confuse/defeat anti-missile systems.)

RUMIKO (verb) -- To gradually escalate chaos and confusion to critical mass.
Ex: "The Iraqi situation Rumiko'd until..."

SAGAN (n): An uncountable number: billions and billions and billions.
Ex: "Captain, we're sagan kilometers from our previous position!"
"Impossible! The universe isn't that big!"

SCOTT BERNARD (skot' ber nard') -- v. To fire all one's available missiles at
a single or small number of targets, esp. from an Alpha or Legios mecha,
when the target is at best worthy of one to three of them. Note that it
is possible to Scott Bernard other missile-rich mecha as well, including
various Destroids, mobile missile platforms, and the SDF-1. (Remember
Force of Arms?)

SEIYA (v): To absorb tremendous punishment and keep on going, fixated
on a single goal. Also, to fall off a cliff and climb up it repeatedly.
Ex: "Rocky Balboa did a Seiya and won the heavyweight title."

SFH (Submunitions From Hell) -- (1) n. Any sort of missile that contains
dozens if not hundreds of guided bomblets/minirockets designed to spread
huge amounts of destruction over a large area. (2) v. To use such
ordnance in battle (acronym only).
Ex: The Minerva SFH'd Big Murphy's pirate base to cover the escape of
the Crushers. See also: Scott Bernarding on a budget or 3M on a budget.

SHAMPOO (verb) -- To come crashing through a wall at a dramatic (and
inconvenient) moment. (from Ranma 1/2)
Ex: The Incredible Hulk shampooed, burying the bad guys in rubble.

TAKAHASHI: (see Rumiko)

TETSUO (tet' soo oh) -- v. To run head-on into an obstacle, usually on a
motorcycle or in an aircraft or automobile, and explode violently. (As
someone mentioned after this definition appeared in the UF3 glossary,
this makes Tetsuo somewhat analogous to a Ford Pinto.)
Ex: Kyousuke tetsuo'd into Jingoro.

UWAA (adverb) -- To fight someone whom you should never have bothered with
and paid for your mistakes. To die a quick and unsatisfying death.
Ex. The nameless pilots who faced a newtype in ANY Gundam series.

YAMATO (verb) -- To resurrect after death. Over and over again. And again.
(from Uchyuu Senkan Yamato)
Ex: Shakespeare yamatoed Juliet too late to prevent Romeo's suicide.

YAMATO (verb) -- To resurrect or bring back by completely changing the
continuity of the universe.
Ex: The entire crew of the StarLeaf was Yamatoed for Ten Little
Gall Force.


Day off today. Laundry and various sundries. I may even go to the Park for a bit.

Be seeing you.


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