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2007-09-28 - 12:32 p.m.

Ran some errands and paid the gas bill yesterday.

Then I came home and relaxed with the new Jeff Dunham DVD. One of the cool extras on the DVD is a 22-minute video showing how he made the Melvin puppet, from design to casting to the mechanics - the whole works.

Very cool and funny. You can get the DVD here.


Hillary says her health care plan will exclude illegal aliens. That's not what she told an audience earlier this month.

NOTE: There are some private sector companies that are working at making some things affordable.


Muslim jihadist leaders are inviting another Hollywood star/activist to visit for a "fact-finding" mission.

The star? Rosie O'Donnell.

Now, remember - there are no homosexuals in the Middle East...because it's illegal and punishable by death. So why are they inviting a lesbian?

(BTW - this is the item the title links to. Some background: Brin has said numerous times that the last Harry Potter book would be Harry Potter and the Big Ol' Butt-Nekkid Lesbian Biker Chick and she'd be portrayed in the movie by...well, Rosie. So...)


Remember the ad put in the New York Times, smearing Gen. Petraeus? George Will says that the huge discount that the Times gave them may very well be against FEC regulations...the same regulations that the Times has applauded in previous editorials.

Rules are for other people, I guess.


Good Lord. I just saw a commercial featuring a smiling, pretty blonde advertising a product called "Super Colon Cleanse".

Their tag line: "Feel clean - from the inside out!"

Pardon the expression, but...I'll pass.


Well, I have things to do and lunch to stalk and kill.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Brin - 2007-09-28 17:17:37 -
You know what? I lost about four-fifths of my colon in surgery back in 1983. How will that product help ME?


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