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2007-10-08 - 1:32 p.m.

The Angels are done - the Red Sox swept the series and will move on.

During the last week of the regular season, Mike Scioscia decided to let his regular players rest up so they'd be able to play well in the post-season. They wound up losing many of those games, and subsequently losing home field advantage. Scioscia is now taking a drubbing for it because, statistically, the Angels don't do well at Boston's Fenway Park.

That may very well be so. But in the last game against the Red Sox, the Angels had quite a few players that couldn't play. Garret Anderson developed an eye infection that finally got the better of him. Casey Kotchman was in the hospital. Even if they had the home field advantage, it's entirely possible that they would have lost with the injuries they had.

And of course, if Scioscia had played his veterans and they were too wiped to play in the post-season, he would have caught flak for that. So he was in a tough spot. He made a judgment call, which is what coaches do.

Scioscia is still one of the best things that ever happened to the Angels.


In other baseball news, the Rockies did the Diamondbacks. The Indians/Yankees series is the only one still going on. George Steinbrenner, that paragon of calm, has stated that the job of Yankees manager Joe Torre is on the line - if the Yanks don't win, Torre is gone. Well, Steinbrenner went through twenty managers in a 22-year-long period, so this is not too big a surprise. And Torre is in his final year of his contract - I'm sure he can find work elsewhere.

IIRC, the Indians haven't won a World Series in years, and the Rockies have never won one.

If both those teams make it, it will be a very interesting series.


There's an article in the New York Post online about the group Media Matters that talks about their attempts "to take down the real opponents" - talk-media giants Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. Another article is here.

And, since it's Monday, here's Mark Steyn.


I've heard of "make love not war", but this is ridiculous.

I suppose it's better than this.


Just for grins I took a look at my entry on Wookieepedia. I took a peek at the History page, which tracks changes made to the entry. Someone hacked an account and had changed my name to "Dave Moron". It was changed back by someone else.

I'm not sure which is more disappointing: that a Star Wars fan would think that's funny, or that someone would think it would bug me. I was called that by so-called wits all through high school.

It wasn't original THEN.


Happy Columbus Day.

Be seeing you.


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Brin - 2007-10-08 16:42:45 -
There are some people who, despite getting out into the sunshine and having jobs and doing productive things, still tend to act like pasty fanboys living in their parents' basement with boxes of funnybooks doubling as furniture. Why this happens is a mystery that fascinates me, but it does tend to wear thin sometimes.


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