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2007-10-11 - 1:21 p.m.

Woke up around eight this morning, then crawled back in bed for a few more hours. Got a day off today, so laundry is the plan...and lots of it.

And maybe more Fall Guy.


The baby bond idea didn't fly, so Hillary now wants to give everyone internet access. Seems that some areas don't have internet access, and Hillary wants to get those areas connected. She wants a national broadband system in place.

Who's going to pay for this? The taxpayers, of course. And if it's a national access system, who controls it? The government, of course.


Russian President Vladimir Putin says there's no evidence Iran is building a nuclear bomb.

Gee, that sure takes a load off my mind...


A Dallas suburb may be considering rules on house painting - specifically, what colors folks can paint their homes. Some of those colors are "tropical" hues that some in the neighborhood call "garish", and those neighbors say that it brings down their property values. Hispanics in that neighborhood are calling it "discrimination" because they are the ones who want those colors.

Here in California, I've seen stories like this - someone paints their house in an unusual color or pattern, and the neighbors complain. Sometimes they go to the city governments and demand that the house be painted more along the lines of other homes in the area.

I think you should be able to paint your house whatever color you wish - but you have to be willing to take your neighbor's dislike of that color. Go ahead, paint it black with chartreuse trim and an electric blue roof. Just don't be surprised when your neighbors start calling you The Addamses.


Now, your global warming moment of Zen:

Schools in England were planning to show "An Inconvenient Truth" to the children. A London judge in the High Court has noted a few "scientific errors" in the film - nine of them.

And Al Gore may get the Nobel Peace Prize for this film.

Well, if they can give it to this guy...


Brin will be visiting next week. I have some housecleaning to do.

Oh joy.

Be seeing you.


7 comments so far

Brin - 2007-10-11 16:33:10 -
My friend Dan, who was a painter before he got his head caved in, once was contracted to paint a house in red, white, and blue. The guy who wanted this done had emigrated from Greece, had made a bunch of money, and then splashed out and gotten his new house painted the way he wanted it. Not just the discreet dark things like maroon or terra cotta or ecru, but Genuine Bright Screaming Reds And Whites To Match The Flag. Dan said people started driving by and pestering him while he was working: "Hey, is that the COLOR it's gonna BE?" And the guy who was having this work done kept declaring "Dees are wonderful colors! Colors of my Flag! I LOFF this country!" And although Dan said it ended up looking like a Bullwinkel House, that guy was one of the most generous clients he'd ever painted a house for.


Smed - 2007-10-11 16:59:55 -
Wow, those errors really diminish the impact of the film. Yep. I guess we don't need to save the planet after all. Those stranded walruses are just flukes.


Dave - 2007-10-11 19:49:22 -
There's a huge difference between trying to help the planet and believing that Man is the source of it all. Pro-manmadeGW says the "science is done". Anti-manmadeGW finds errors in the "done" science on a regular basis. A few of those "stranded animal" shots were taken a long time ago and are being presented as "happening now".

I'm all for being environmentally conscious - I keep my car running properly (in the smog check it puts out almost no pollutants), recycle, and generally try to be a Good Human. But when the pro-manmadeGW are screaming doom but leave out/modify/just-plain-make-up data, I can't go along with it.


Brin - 2007-10-11 20:00:58 -
Well, let's just all drop down to our knees and apologize to Smedindy, because everybody knows a midwest sports fan is much more aware of environmental science than a judge in London is.


Smed - 2007-10-11 20:28:38 -
Except when they're not making up the data. Fox cut and pasted reports from the judge:


Smed - 2007-10-11 20:32:29 -
Oh, and I'm not JUST a sports fan, and I've given a crap about warming and the environment since the 80's. The fact still is that the corporations took some of the judges' ruling out of context, when it was 95% in FAVOR of the movie, and Fox did what they normally do.


Brin - 2007-10-12 11:26:41 -
Smed, as soon as you drive your car less than four thousand miles a year (like John and I choose to do) and never turn on our central heating in the winter (like John and I chose to do) and deliberately live in multi-residental housing to keep from making a larger environmental footprint (like John and I chose to do) and devote your LIFE'S WORK to environmental cleanup (like John does, where he DOES in fact see misapplied science every weekday of his existence) then you can get in my face and tell me about your wonderful efforts to combat global warming. :-)


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