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2007-10-12 - 12:14 p.m.

Did a whole bunch of laundry last night. Something like seven loads. And more is to come.

Also saw an episode of Fall Guy that had a homosexual reference, which was pretty daring in 1981 for network TV:

COLT: We need somebody that can get in there and flush him out into the open.
HOWIE: Yeah, Colt - I can get in there. No problem.
COLT: I was thinking of using Jody.
HOWIE: Jody??
COLT: Who'd have a better shot of luring Mr. Neiman, me, or Jody?
HOWIE: Well, you never know...this is California...

Tame stuff today...but back THEN...


Condoleezza Rice says Iran is lying about its nuclear program, and that they want the capability to make nuclear weapons.

But...but...Vladimir Putin and Jimmy Carter said they didn't!


Last May, a restaurant at the University of Toronto began offering halal food to appease the campus' Muslim Students Association. Now the MSA is refusing to eat there, because they also serve alcohol and play dance music.

They also don't want to support the restaurant because the money that they make goes to buy alcohol. But there is an argument that by paying tuition they "support(s) the purchase of alcohol by contributing to the salary of the VP business affairs, who oversees the University Alcohol Policy".

The restaurant did some testing and halal food became a good financial option for them. They got enough requests for it and, evidently, a "significant number of orders" during the test period. It's a business. They have to accomodate other customers, too.

If the environment in the restaurant is that offensive, IMHO there are three things that the offended students can do:

  1. Don't eat there at all - the article mentions other places on campus serving halal food, or bring it from home.
  2. Buy the food, and eat it somewhere else.
  3. Get a business or individual to open a competing restaurant with the atmosphere you wish.

That would be fair, wouldn't it?


A mother in Denver got a note from her daughter's school that she "was overweight". The mother responded that the girl is - you guessed it - "big-boned".

Her biggest gripe is that such notices are given to the child to be brought home, instead of being mailed, "because kids are prone to reading letters sent home". Or "(i)f she would have dropped this letter, a student may have found it and may have exposed it to other students". It's all about the girl's self-esteem. Nowhere is there any mention of a discussion with her daughter about her health and better eating choices. "She's not fat, she's big-boned."

Hey, I'm fat - I know it. I eat a lot of the wrong things, and I'm diabetic. But I also exercise. And my doctor has told me that I'm actually in pretty good health, but I'd be in better health if I lost about forty pounds. That's something I'm working on.

I wrote this little thing about the future of the self-esteem uber alles attitude:

I'm going to make a couple predictions.

First: at some point - and WAY too soon for my taste - there will be a lawsuit by a group of parents of college-age sports players.

The parents will say, "Our children don't get to play in a bowl/playoff game this year, and it's hurting their self-esteem. We want $6 million for pain and suffering - each."

Every college football team will wind up in a bowl game, even the two with the worst record - and it'll probably be called the Toilet Bowl.

The second lawsuit prediction will be as follows: some nebbish high school kid will ask the hottest girl for a date. She'll turn him down...and HIS parents will sue because she damaged his self-esteem by turning him down.

You just watch. It'll happen.

It will. Count on it.


Today I get to go to the laundromat and wash some bedding...which means lunch at the local Chinese place.

Chicken and veggies, cooked in spicy sauces. Yum.

Be seeing you.


3 comments so far

Smed - 2007-10-12 15:39:12 -
Man, if I sued all of the girls who turned me down in high school, I wouldn't have had to work, EVER!


Brin - 2007-10-12 16:48:07 -
This is of course presuming the jury returned the verdict in your favor. (poke, poke) But as I've seen from your pictures and the beautiful family you have, you've done quite well anyway. :-)


Acorn - 2007-10-13 16:02:38 -
seven loads? Wow!


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