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2007-10-16 - 11:56 a.m.

Last week I mentioned that I was going to ship out the joysticks for my beloved KLAX game for rebuilding - they were around sixteen years old and overdue.

I mailed them on Tuesday. On Thursday, I got an e-mail telling me they were done and on their way back! On SATURDAY, they were at the PO! How's that for fast service??

I couldn't get to the PO on Saturday - that pesky work thing - so I got them yesterday. Last night I finshed detailing the control panel (taking out the buttons and scrubbing all the gunk off) and I re-installed the joysticks.

It's great. The game plays like new, which is what I'd hoped for. The melted rings have been replaced with a hard rubber ring that I can easily replace if I need to. The repair guy even threw in some replacement switches to replace my gunked-up ones.

I can't recommend this service enough. Here's their site. Check them out if you need something.


One of my favorite writers, Thomas Sowell, believes Nancy Pelosi's efforts to pass a resolution condemning the massacre of Armanians is part of a larger effort to sabotage the war in Iraq. And Sowell isn't the only one. The Wall Street Journal editorial board weighs in here.

Is the Democrats' hatred of President Bush so intense that they'd put revenge before policy?


Speaking of the war, Ret. Army General Ricardo Sanchez made a speech on Friday. He was very selectively quoted - the entire text is here. Note this quote:

"The unmistakable message was that political power had greater priority than our national security objectives."

He also had harsh words for some of today's media. Definately worth a look.


While I was at the post office yesterday I saw an item on the news ticker - oil has topped $85/barrel, a record high. The micro-story said it was based on concerns that there may not be enough heating oil for the winter.

But that has nothing to do with high gas prices. Remember, cost of resources and supply-and-demand have nothing to do with it. It's all controlled by President Bush.


Here's a look at one of the nominees for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

You know...the one that went to His Goreness.


Well, I still have some things to take care of for Brin's visit. The living room still needs work.

Now I just have to find my shovel...

Be seeing you.


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