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2007-10-23 - 10:38 a.m.

The high wind advisory has been canceled, but a regular one is in place till about 6pm tonight.

The wind was so strong ("How strong was it?" Thank you, please drive through) that one of the overhead light standards at Camelot is now BENT at a 30 degree angle. The point of that bend is at ground level.

Our maintenence guys tied a rope around it and attached the rope to a strong tree to give it some support, and we closed that course just in case. But still...I've worked there for fifteen years, and I've never seen a light stand get bent like that. EV-er.

It'll get fixed before the weekend is out. At bare minimum it'll get removed.


A couple of items about Hillary and Mr. Bill.

From Hud's blog comes this story of campaign donations. It seems that some questionable donations were investigated, and a full third of those people can't be found. I'm sure it's wide-spread, which is why it's not too newsworthy.

And over here...well, history does tend to repeat itself.


Medicare fraud is big business in Florida. Want a wheelchair? No problem - it only cost the government $5 million.

The budget for the FBI agents who investigate these claims is less that $1 million per year. More funds and more agents would lead to more arrests and less fraud.

But then, we really need that Woodstock museum.


From Mark Evanier's blog comes this story.

Why do some people just have to be assholes?


The plan for today is to get some cleaning supplies and lunch, not necessarily in that order.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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