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It's A Round, Round World

2007-11-06 - 10:24 a.m.

Up late last night, not sleeping. I was too excited.

What about? I had to make a call at 9am. There's a guy and gal I'm going to be meeting. Hopefully this will all work out, and we'll become lifelong friends.

More as events warrant.


Al Gore chatted with Meredith Viera on the "Today" show yesterday. Get this: Gore actually believes that media coverage is "too balanced". While he was talking with Viera, His Goreness actually said the following:

There are still people who believe that the earth is flat. But when you're reporting on a story like the one you're covering today, where you have people all around the world, you don't take, you don't search out, for someone who still believes the earth is flat and give them equal time. you don't give those with opposing viewpoints equal time! That explains so much.

The difference is this: we have scientific evidence that the world is round. However, the global warming folk have computer projections that can't even predict PAST weather...and they've fed those computers sets of data that are skewed ("hockey stick" graph) or tainted (the temp sensors that are not placed where they are supposed to be, and thus are providing bad data). That's just two examples.

And the round-earthers have never declared that flat-earthers need to be "put on trial, like Nuremberg".


Today's title comes from this classic musical.

Just so you know.


Well. I have a couple potential friends to meet.

I sure hope this works out.

Be seeing you.


5 comments so far

Smed - 2007-11-06 13:54:01 -
Amazing how you can remove words from a quote and change the context. "Some sort of" was missing, and of course, that would make it less shocking and heinous. Oh, and the flat earthers definitely persecuted the round earthers, or did you miss that part of the Catholic inquisition?


Dave - 2007-11-06 14:24:16 -
Which is why I put in the actual link to the quote. It's still shocking that a pro-GW wants to treat non-believers like war criminals.

And, if you carefully re-read what I said, I was talking about ROUND-earthers persecuting FLAT-earthers TODAY, not the other way 'round and, what, six hundred years ago? TODAY, are ROUND-eathers suggesting that FLAT-earthers be subjected to "some sort of Nuremberg" for their beliefs? We already have a group of extremists that are doing just that - beheading those who do not believe as they do.


Brin - 2007-11-06 14:48:21 -
Smed, as soon as you live in multi-unit housing, become a single-car-owning houshold, and drive less than five thousand miles a year to show how committed you are to saving the planet, you constant chest beating about the global warming theory might hold some sort of weight. The global warming theories exist ONLY in computers, and ONLY based on data that's been tampered with. Oh, and you know what else? If you throw rocks at the full moon for fourteen days, it will disappear!


John - 2007-11-06 15:09:27 -
If you want to talk about "shocking and heinous" you need go no further than Al Gore. Let's see, the guy IS intelligent, and no doubt can analyze the actual scientific data, yet he is a prophet for man-made global warming, which has been completely debunked over and over again by legitimate science. Why, one may ask, would an intelligent man continue to pretend that the BS he's slinging is the word of god? Simple: for the money -- regardless of the outcome; regardless of who gets hurt; regardless of the cost in lives both human and otherwise and resources that it will take to undo the damage. THAT's shocking and heinous to anyone who has a basic understanding of the difference between right and wrong. Oh, pardon me. Religious zealots don't have an understanding of the difference between right and wrong.


Brin - 2007-11-06 17:23:25 -
John and Dave, as you can see above, Smed didn't actually argue the issue. He just poisoned the well. It's an old high school debate tactic, which for some reason I thought he'd be able to resist resorting to in place of intelligent discourse. Oh, well.


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