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Tired Of Waiting For You

2007-11-13 - 12:06 p.m.

Yesterday was a day of bad Fast Food Karma for me.

I wanted to go to my local Carl's Jr. for dinner last night. I wanted a low-carb Six Dollar Burger, and I also wanted to get some cash with their ATM network (none of my banks have branches that I can reach during my break and Carl's charges 75 cents for the transaction, rather than the $1.75 I would pay at work). I also like their dining rooms - spacious and usually quiet - because I like to sit and work the crossword puzzle.

When I arrive, there's a sign on the door: DINING ROOM CLOSED FOR REPAIRS. Strike one.

I get back in the car and go to the drive-thru. I place my order, but when I ask for diet Coke I'm told that their fountain drinks aren't working - I can only get iced tea (which I hate) and bottled water. Oh, and there's no sign at the drive-thru that says SODA MACHINE NOT WORKING. Strike two.

I ask the person taking my order if I can get cash back from their ATM. She says yes. Okay, fine. I pull up, hand my card to the manager, and am told they only do credit card transactions at the drive-thru - so I CAN'T get any cash back. Strike fucking three. All of the reasons why I wanted to go to this restaurant - with the exception of the burger - were gone.

So I got my food and went back to work. I sat in a noisy arcade trying to go the crossword and eat.


It gets better (or worse).

There's a local KFC that has a drive-thru that's open until midnight. So at 11:53pm, I pulled in. Their DRIVE-THROUGH OPEN sign in the window was lit, so I figured there'd be no problems. I was wrong again.

Nobody answered at the speaker. So I pulled up to the window. Two employees were taking out the trash. They went back in and got the attention of the girl who was wearing the headset for the speaker. She came over and told me they were closed.

I told her that it was still before midnight and their DRIVE-THROUGH OPEN sign was still on. She told me that they had no product to sell...but she didn't sound very sorry.

Now, we at Camelot have also occasionally closed a few minutes early if there's no one in the building, so their closing early - especially when they have nothing to sell - would have been okay with me. But if this KFC was closed, why didn't they turn the drive-through sign off? It's one of those things with a pull-chain on it - how hard would it have been to turn the fucking thing OFF??

Instead I had to waste time dealing with them, instead of getting home quicker so I could take my shoes off and relax.



I need to go complain to a couple managers.

Be seeing you.


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Brin - 2007-11-13 15:17:33 -
Good for you for following through. Consumers always have the right to complain when they are treated shabbily, and I just wish more people would be proactive when they receive poor service.


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