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2007-11-20 - 11:48 a.m.

Haven't been feeling well these last couple days. The temperatures have dropped again, down to 51 degrees last night. As I write this, it's 64 degrees.

Al Gore must not be in California.


Brin referenced this story in her entry today, about the mother who was asked to leave because she couldn't control her child's screaming.

Parents often talk about their "right" to eat wherever they choose. What's never spoken about is the "right" of other patrons to enjoy a meal in peace. And it's the restaurant's "right" to refuse service. Restaurants are private property, remember? They have a right to refuse serving you because of the color of your shirt, if they feel like it.

"Well, if they don't like my child they can eat somewhere else!" Ah, but so can you.


Editorial in the Wall Street Journal about the business of global warming.

I guess the WSJ is now funded by big oil, right?

Oh, and speaking of global warming...


Economist Thomas Sowell, one of my favorite writers, talks about the supposed "stagnation of income" here. Always a good read, he is.


Mesa, Arizona (home of one of my employer's facilities), is building a new water park - in a state that has had a record ten-year draught.

How will they do it? Here's how:

Project organizers say they won't tap Mesa's drinking water supplies to fill the park. Instead, they plan to draw from a well that has elevated levels of arsenic, which makes its water unsuitable for drinking. The Waveyard will build a treatment plant to make the water safe for swimmers.

You'd think someone would have done that already for drinking water. Maybe there's not enough money in that.


Well, I have a few things to take care of before work. Onward.

Be seeing you.


3 comments so far

artgnome - 2007-11-20 15:35:28 -
I for one think there should be a non-screaming toddler section in restaurants now to replace the smoking ones. I took my mom out on a Friday night to a really nice restaurant for dinner and had to put up with 3 tables with fussy babies and toddlers that should have been home and in bed at that hour. Why don't these people go to Chucky Cheese or Friendly's or something? Or OMGosh try staying home, like I did when my boy was little and fussy? I don't appreciate having my dinners ruined by inconsiderate parents!


Smed - 2007-11-20 16:45:31 -
Oh, now, you know the WSJ is always doing the bidding of the corporate zombies. And they must remember that today is not the 70's. Technology has leaped ahead much further into realms we had no idea existed. The WSJ would rather side with the Inhofe true-screamer-believers because it's good for profits now, and damn 50 years from now. Hmmm...that study was published by an arm of the FOREST industry, who have never met a forest they didn't want to clear cut and ruin the biodiversity.


Brin - 2007-11-21 02:59:22 -
Smed, prove it. Prove what you said about the WSJ. I'm sick to death of your junior high school debate tactics. Who the heck CARES who reports FACTS if they are still FACTS?


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