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2007-11-23 - 11:30 a.m.

Okay. I'm back at Chez Too Old and feeling MUCH better.

I made the drive down to Escondido with no problems or stops for...umm...emissions. And as it turns out, I was the second person to arrive - not bad for someone who is chronically late.

My mom took one look at me and said, "Maybe you should have stayed home."

I looked around at the mostly empty house. "What, and miss all this?"


As someone who is ALSO known for being a big eater, I didn't finish everything on my plate. My stomach had shrunk some, and I just couldn't eat any more. At 4pm or so, I laid down for a nap with the CPAP. When I awoke about two hours later...all the guests were gone. Well, they understood that I wasn't (physically) well, so everyone left without waking me to say goodbye.

I drove home, watched "The Incredibles", and flopped for awhile. I also picked up some better medicine - my uncle the doctor told me that Pepto is pretty worthless, and that Immodium is much more effective. He was right - I was able to sleep through the night rather easily.

Thanks for all your words of concern. I really appreciate it.


Do you believe the Republicans are the party of the rich?

According to IRS data, you're wrong.


Congratulations, folks - we're shortening the life of the universe just by looking at it!


Now this is a little extreme.

In order to lower her carbon footprint, this woman had herself sterilized:

"Having children is selfish. It's all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet," says Toni, 35.

"Every person who is born uses more food, more water, more land, more fossil fuels, more trees and produces more rubbish, more pollution, more greenhouse gases, and adds to the problem of over-population."

I said this before: at some point we're going to be told, "Humans are bad for the environment - kill youselves".


Well, I may go out to lunch today...but I'm not going anywhere NEAR the malls.

I'm crazy - I'm not stupid.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Smed - 2007-11-23 20:19:26 -
Of course, there's the Voluntary Human Extinction group. That's big time extreme. Of course, genocidal maniacs try to accomplish this as well.


Brin - 2007-11-26 08:32:52 -
Actually, Smed, Hitler was a big believer in adoption of children, did you know that? There was a whole government program called Lebensborn that had to do with the placement of children in proper homes. Just thought I'd point that out.


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