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Lookin' Out My Back Door

2007-12-07 - 11:00 a.m.

Solange seems to be settling in very nicely.

She's been all about the apartment, and seems to have given the place her seal of approval. She'll be an indoor cat, so she only gets to watch the world through the screen door and out the windows. I'll get her a harness and leash at some point, but not just yet.

Should have some pictures soon. Brin is down for another visit, so maybe I can con her into taking some.


A couple days ago I posted an item from the Heartland Institute about global warming being a scam.

Well, now comes word that Heartland representatives, along with members of the International Climate Science Coalition have been denied the opportunity to present evidence at the UN climate change conference. The reason why? The "science is settled".

Why is it that some folk simply can't stand a dissenting voice?


Over in Buffalo, students at Cheektowaga Central High School had their annual Sleepout For The Homeless event, where they sleep on the school lawn in cardboard boxes.

Hey, great - yes, the homeless situation is serious. But how can they really get a taste of being homeless when:

  • they got food donations from Dunkin Donuts and Pizza Hut
  • they can go into the high school gym to warm up and get pizza or hot chocolate
  • they are allowed to bring their boxes into the gym for the night
  • some people brought air mattresses, and
  • one brought a portable DVD player

Check this out:

Along with helping out those who are less fortunate, the sleepout provides an eye-opening experience for students as well as giving participants the chance to have a whole night of good times with friends. Since the event lasts from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., the 75 students participating on Friday came up with some interesting ways to keep themselves amused. During sleepouts the gym is always open, with participating teachers playing basketball with the students. Games of Truth or Dare, Manhunt, and hide-and-seek are often seen taking place. Seniors Dan Stachewicz and Angel Barajas even played Twister in the hallway with a group of friends. Earlier that night the same group was having a good time pulling each other around the school in their sleeping bags.

Gee, who knew being homeless in Buffalo was so gosh-darned much fun?


A 21-year-old gay man has been hanged in Iran.

But...but...Ahmadinejad said there were no gays in Iran!!


And now from the You Gotta Be Kidding Dept.:

A New York deli is advertising its hams with the slogan "Delicious For Hanukkah".

Think about it.


Well, Solange gets a free vet check-up as an adopted pet, so that's in the works for today...along with some lunch for Da Humans.

Be seeing you.


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