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Doin' The Pigeon

2007-12-17 - 12:39 p.m.

So. The weekend. Saturday we had a gig at the bar for the owner's birthday. We were slated to play from 2-8pm, so Brin and I stopped off at McDonald's for a fast bite before the gig (a buffet was to be served, but that wouldn't be until 6 at the earliest). While we were in the drive-thru line, there was a lone employee dragging boxes from the back of the store to the dumpster. The back door to the store was wide open, presumably so he could get back in.

Well, while we sat and watched, two pigeons walked right in through the open back door.

We let the lady at the window know about it, and she promised to get the birds out. Brin said that, if they were going to eat there, they had to be like ordinary customers - they had to go in through the front door and pay. The lady behind the counter laughed, probably in relief that we weren't going to start screaming about unclean conditions and such.


Sunday, I ran some errands and then came home. Brin and I took a trip to the Park, managing to avoid most of the rush (Brin's write-up is here).

As she mentioned, one of the mask clips for my CPAP mask broke as I was putting it on. This morning, we made a quick trip to the CPAP supply place and picked up more clips. Brin was willing to loan me the funds for a whole new mask, but I refused to believe that you had to make a $140 expenditure if a small plastic piece breaks. As it turns out, I was right - I was able to get three new clips for less than $10.


Over here, Mark Steyn talks about more political lies - this time about Jesus - and global warming. How do those two subjects get tied together? Go take a look.


Today's title comes from Sesame Street. Let's go to the video!


Not much more to talk about today. Maybe tomorrow.

Be seeing you.


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