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The Check's In The Mail

2007-12-18 - 2:10 p.m.

Went to the store last night to pick up one thing, and wound up buying a whole buncha stuff. You know how THAT goes.

I wind up in line at the only cashier that was open - this was at about 11:50pm - behind three people that look like they've been homeless for a few months. They are getting about five FULL shopping carts of stuff...and paying with an out-of-state check. It seems that one of the women had called and had the check authorized that morning, but the Albertson's computer system wasn't taking it. The woman kept telling them to call the number and get verification, and the manager kept telling here that no one would be there to answer the phone, because it was 11:55pm (then 11:56, :57, etc.).

FINALLY her check went through. I got out of the store at 12:07, carried my groceries outside...and saw the three "homeless" folk loading their purchaces into a recent-model Chevrolet with out-of-state plates.

I then came home and collapsed.


Okay...something to wonder about.

Hillary has started a website to convince people she is likeable. is full of testimonials. Oddly enough, as of this writing...there's nothing from Bill.

This campaign evidently is because she comes across as "cold". So I guess her stance on issues mean's all about the warm fuzzies.


A Minnesota college had a "meditation room", where all faiths were welcome. Now it is a mosque in all but name.

This is what those students' education dollars go to. Note that some of the things said could be considered "hate speech".

Oh wait...a Muslim is saying it. Never mind.


Well, I'm running behind schedule. Lots of stuff to do, even though it's supposed to rain for the next three days.

Be seeing you.


8 comments so far

artgnome - 2007-12-18 17:15:13 -
I ALWAYS get stuck in the slowest lane, behind the person that can waste more time than a teen in a mall.
the college I was at shoved buddhism down my throat from the time I got there to the time I left. They said it was "cultural" and not religious. what crap.
I will never like Hilary, I didn't think her husband was a good president, and I don't think she would be either.


Dave - 2007-12-19 04:04:47 -
Smed - if you remember, when a large church group recently said that women should be subservient to their men, there was a major outcry from other Christian groups. Here, we're talking about one religious group taking over what WAS a "meditation room", which used to be for ALL religions. Was there a cross in the "meditation room" along with the Islamic items, or a Torah, or a Pagan symbol?

And as for your assertion that the tract was "probably buried on a shelf" - I note that you do not deny that the statements were not true and not characteristic of Islam...whereas I readily admit that there are extremist Christians that are out-of-touch and bottom-feeders (cf. Westboro Baptist).


Bob - 2007-12-19 11:44:14 -
Funny how you missed things like the Christian 'gentlemen' attacking Jewish students on the New York subway, and the only guy who went to their aid was a MUSLIM. Or that Congressman Steve 'Christmas and Christianity' King FAILED to show up for the vote on his own resolution (which was, supposedly, because of the 'voting for Ramadan' thing). I suppose that if you truly believe we're in danger of being taken over by militant Islam overnight, there's nothing more to be said .... but all of us need to be aware of subjective validation. --- As for Hillary, I don't care if she bakes cookies and hands 'em out to the neighbors - I don't like her policies (which change depending on polls). THAT's the Hillary *I* know.


Smed - 2007-12-18 22:50:47 -
You SERIOUSLY are not using Kathleen Kersten's column in the Star Tribune. She who complained wildly about St. Thomas losing it's religious way is now complaining wildly regarding someone accomidating another religion that seems 'weird' and 'odd'. Oh, and the tract that was 'prominently displayed' was probably buried on a shelf. Of course, Christians never have any wacked out pamphlets or tracts about wives being subservient to husbands. Oh, yeah, Huckabee is all for that. Kersten is just a lot of hot air that bloviates everywhere, is quite hypocritical, and can only see the good in right wing evangelical Christians, and can NEVER see any good thing in Islam. It's a shame that prejudice against people different than her has colored her writings so much.


Brin - 2007-12-19 01:39:06 -
Smed, you'd piss and moan if the source of something that disagreed with the way you do things on your planet was Mother Jones. Why don't you just accept facts, despite who the source is?


Dave - 2007-12-19 13:57:06 -
Bob - as I said before, there are members of all religions who act abominably. And there are Muslims who don't think like the extremists. But militant Islam is the one that is killing people for insults, and you don't hear very much about moderate Muslims speaking out against the militants. I have yet to hear the ACLU speak out in favor of a Christian group, but many many concessions are being made toward Islam.


Bob - 2007-12-19 16:42:29 -
Try the following: ---


Bob - 2007-12-19 16:43:50 -
And one more, a little more recent.


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