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Some Of My Lies Are True (Sooner Or Later)

2008-01-09 - 10:42 a.m.

Solange is picking up on my habits.

She now knows that, when I take a shower, I'm going out. She'll sit on the bathmat while I'm in the shower, with the big-eyed don't-leave-me look. All together, now: Awwwwwww.

It's been a month since I got her, so it's time to get more Frontline flea treatment. I'll do that today before I go to work.


The political commercials are starting up here in California. Whee.

So, here's election news. There's an article here about the voter ID issue. In Indiana, the state Supreme Court is hearing the issue, and it seems the opponents - who claim that voter ID wil "block poor, minority and elderly voters who lack ID from voting" - can't produce an actual verifiable instance of it happening.

And if you don't have ID, you can still vote:

Since then, liberal groups have pointed to last November's mayoral election in Indianapolis as giving real-life examples of people prevented from voting. The 34 voters out of 165,000 who didn't have the proper ID were allowed to cast a provisional ballot, and could have had their votes counted by going to a clerk's office within 10 days to show ID or sign an affidavit attesting to their identity. Two chose to do so, but 32 did not.

Indeed, a new study by Jeffrey Milyo of the Truman Institute of Public Policy on Indiana's voter turnout in 2006 did not find evidence that counties with more poor, elderly or minority voters had "any reduction in voter turnout relative to other counties."

Got that? THIRTY-TWO people out of thirty-FOUR didn't bother to verify their identity. Whose fault is that?

You already have to show ID to travel, cash a check, or any other myriad of items. And you're not being asked to attach your name to the ballot - it's still a secret vote. And before you start with the "they'll have a record of who voted", in my neighborhood they cross your name off a computer-printed list and you have to sign before you get your ballot. So they already have a "record of who voted".

I think it's a good idea.


And now, the items that the title links to.

From the You Can't Make This Stuff Up Dept.:

At least the guy won't sue for defamation because of the headline.

These from FARK: A teenager fleeing from the police tried to escape by going onto the M1 freeway...on foot. Bad idea.

A thief broke into a person's garage and stole fuel for the thief's car. Problem was, it wasn't "red diesel" fuel - it was heating oil...which wrecked the car's engine.

In Australia, a teenager blames marijuana for his stealing. He broke into a wildlife park and stole an alligator and two monkeys. about a bad hair day...


Well, I need to get some things done before work. Onward.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Bob - 2008-01-10 10:22:04 -
I'm just surprised we haven't hit on a solution like printouts that include a thumbnail photo of the person. No match, no vote. Identification is taken care of in advance and properly vetted (though this would run afoul of driver's license and ID programs for illegal immigrants). I will, however, opine that something like a national ID card won't solve the problem.


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