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Take A Ship For Yourself

2008-01-11 - 11:02 a.m.

Dunno if I mentioned it or not, but the band is playing a gig this month onboard the Queen Mary. Well, we headed out to the venue yesterday and checked out the set-up. It's a good thing we did - there's no power outlets nearby. We'll need to bring a couple extension cords.

But it's gonna be a good gig. This is the first time I've ever played there.


Here's more on the Indiana voter ID story.

The anti-voter ID folk have indeed held up a few examples of folks who couldn't vote without proper ID. One is an elderly lady named Faye Buis-Ewing. She was not allowed to vote because her ID was a Florida driver's license. But, at that time, she claimed two states as residences and was registered to vote in BOTH states. She's even received a "homestead exemption" on her property taxes...IN BOTH STATES.


Ordinarily when someone registers to vote in Florida, the state informs the election board where the applicant was previously registered. But according to Wharton, Ewing did not inform Florida that she was ever registered to vote anywhere else.

“She signed an oath saying she was a qualified elector and a legal resident of Florida,” Wharton said. “And the space where she was supposed to tell us where she was previously registered, she left blank.”

So she could have voted TWICE. Gee...that's illegal, isn't it?


Here's an article about how Islam got hijacked into its current form. In the 1950's, Muslims were taught "to solve disputes through violence".

Let's see if the author gets a death threat.


Just a thought:

During her husband's presidential campaign, Hillary never shed a tear when all those women that he cheated with were dragged out. But when she herself may lose the nomination, she cries in public.

Anyone else think this is...interesting?


Today's title really does exist.


Speaking of music...

Brin challenged me to answer these two Friday Fives. So, why not...

What was the first album/CD/Cassette you ever bought?
I had a lot given to me when I was young...but one I remember seeing at a local 7-11 (and running home to get the money to buy it) was a 45 of "The Streak" by Ray Stevens. I still have it. Can't remember the first album. Very first CD was Then & Now - The Best Of The Monkees.

What was your first fave song?
I remember singing "Something" by The Beatles when I was a wee slip of a lad...LONG ago.

Which song gives you that "funny nostalgic feeling" everytime you hear it?
"That's Me" by ABBA.

Name the first concert you ever went to.
I went to P. D. Q. Bach concerts with my parents. First "rock" show was Christopher Cross at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre (now the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre).

What do you consider the worst song of all time?
As a fan of Dr Demento, I've heard some really awful stuff. The only one that springs to mind is Edith Massey's version of "Big Girls Don't Cry"...although a lot of what's out there NOW stinks, IMHO.

Name your fave song at the moment.
"Sky High" by Jigsaw.

What is the most recent album/CD/Cassette you purchased?
"Double Exposure" by Shoes.

Which song will you never get sick of hearing?
"All Right" by Christopher Cross. I sing along whenever I hear it...even at HomeTown Buffet.

What is your current fave music video?
"Take On Me" by a-ha was great. I also liked the "live" video for "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood - they look like they're having so much FUN.

If you could be a famous music artist, what type of music would you produce?
Probably stuff like The Beatles played - four instruments, maybe with keyboard. Something that could be played live without all the electronic bullshit that's sometimes used onstage today (like recorded instruments and background vocals). Keyboard effects are fine, but when the lead singer is mouthing the words you're just watching karaoke.


Well, there are things to do today. Onward.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Jeff - 2008-01-12 11:32:41 -
YOU WENT TO PDQ BACH CONCERTS??? Argh! I'm so jealous! I love him and have never gotten to see him live. I'm starting to think you are my evil twin...except that I'm 8 years older than you...


Dave - 2008-01-13 02:16:27 -
I actually had to explain a PDQ joke to my stepdad. It wasn't music related - he was a band director at the time, and got most of what they did anyway.

TEDDY: I'm looking for a girl named Alice.
DOCTOR: Alice what?
TEDDY: Alice uber Deutschland.

He didn't get it. I did. It was one of the few times I ever felt smarter than my stepdad. :)


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