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2008-01-14 - 12:46 p.m.

Well, I headed out to Disneyland last night. I just needed to get out and walk. The tram guy said the Park closed at midnight, and I got there about 9:15. I walked in just as they announced that the fireworks had been canceled due to high winds.

So I started walking to various attractions. Peter Pan, ToonTown, and Buzz Lightyear were all closed. So I did the Matterhorn and Space Mountain, and then found out Buzz had re-opened. Did Buzz, got my highest score yet, and then did Big Thunder.

Since it was only 11:15, I headed for the Mansion...which was closed. I went to Critter Country...which was closed. I headed for Pirates...which was closed. I headed for Indiana Jones...which was closed. It was spooky - there was no one in those areas except for the employees. I asked one and found out they closed at 11, not midnight. No wonder everyone was gone.

I walked around Main Street, picked up a couple things, and then came home. A nice few hours, but man...Disneyland looks so strange when it's empty.


Carl Karcher, founder of the Carl's Jr. restaurant chain, passed away on Friday.

I'm a regular patron of CJs, and I actually met the man when I was working for a tire store. I went to the nearby CJs (which was the one right next to their corporate offices) and there he was - getting ready to get lunch like anybody else. I introduced myself, and he looked at my work uniform and said, "You work at 4day Tires? You guys do a great job."

Here's a CEO, in a three-piece suit, telling me that my company does a great job.

I thanked him and we had our separate lunches. That was over 25 years ago, and I never forgot it.


In the High-way To Heaven Dept.:

In Amsterdam, a man claiming to be a priest tried to get on a plane without being searched by saying "it was not allowed" under his religion. Security guards did search him, and found packets strapped to the man's legs.

The "priest" claimed it was "holy sand". It was, of course, cocaine.

"It's used in our religious ceremonies! We snort it, and we see God! Yeah, that's it - that's the ticket!"


In the What Dumbshits Dept.:

A couple break into a woman's home and find the keys to her SUV. They steal the SUV. They find a disposable camera (the victim had it in case of an accident, so she could take pictures of any damage). They take pictures of themselves in the stolen SUV. Then, when there's an attempted traffic stop, the two men flee on foot - leaving the camera in the vehicle.

And, a teenager in Australia throws a party while his parents are gone...for 500 people. The police will be billing him for the cost of breaking it up.

But wait, there's more - a drunk guy crashes his car into a guy's yard and abandons it. But the police track him down because he left a trail of footprints - he stepped in a pile of dog shit.


Time to get on with the day.

Be seeing you.


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