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Running On Ice

2008-01-15 - 1:03 p.m.

Work is quiet again. With school in session, we're back to our usual grind.

So let's get to the interesting news stories, shall we?


From the Well, DUH Dept.:

A survey done in Great Britain says that the most zealous eco-warriors are the biggest polluters.

Like that's a surprise. We could've told them that - look at Al Gore, with all the jet flights and the electricity-burning mansion.


Speaking of eco-warriors...

SEATTLE (AP) Gov. Chris Gregoire is proposing legislation to fight global warming.

It would require generators of greenhouse gases to report emissions. And it would direct the state Department of Ecology to design a regional carbon cap and trade system.

The governor says because of Washington's reliance on hydroelectricity, it's important to address the effect of global warming on the mountain snow pack.

She says fighting global warming will reduce reliance on fossil fuel and help save money on utilities.

Well, gosh...I can't wait to see the forms that the cows have to fill out.


And speaking of Washington...

According to this article, the costs of removing snow from the state highways has already gone over budget. Their budget for this is $3 million, and the money's already used up...and we're less than a month into winter.

Global warming? Yeah, right. If the winter stays cold - and there have been record temperatures this year - there's gonna be a huge backlash against the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) crowd. You remember them - all their predictions are based on computer models with flawed data.


According to Iran's supreme Ayatollah, Islam honors women while the West abuses them.

Yes - it honors them by treating them like property, not wanting them to go to school, staying out of "the affairs of men"...


Time to get some lunch before work.

Be seeing you.


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artgnome - 2008-01-15 17:50:07 -
Hi Dave. for the record, it's 28 degrees up here in upstate western NY, with temps in the teens headed our way this weekend.


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