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I Got Stoned And I Missed It

2008-01-22 - 12:52 p.m.

Last night I watched Celebrity Rehab on VH1. There have been only two episodes so far, but two people are jumping out.

One is Daniel Baldwin. He's quite aware of what he needs to do to get clean and sober, and he's starting to look like "the voice of reason". When Mary Carey and Chyna were romping and flirting and being very sexy in the pool in tight T-shirts and no bathing suit tops, Baldwin went to Dr. Drew and said that the situation "was not condusive to his sobriety". The ladies were, in fact, breaking the rules of the Baldwin wasn't being a fuddy-duddy. He's very serious about this.

Baldwin's opposite is Jeff Conaway. While filming the "Greased Lightning" sequence in Grease, he fell off the car. He's been in chronic pain and is horribly addicted to painkillers. He's in really really bad shape: on the first night, he had a very bad episode and had to go to the hospital. Dr. Drew informed the nurse on duty that Conaway had been taking "about $1000 worth of Xanax and OxyContin". The nurse informed Dr. Drew that they found a vial containing "white powder" wrapped up in a twenty dollar bill. Dr. Drew believes that Conaway's girlfriend, Vikki, is going to try to smuggle stuff in to him.

Conaway looks like William H. Macy on a serious bender. He honest to God looks like he's gonna die. His symptoms are very severe, and he's having suicidal thoughts because of all the pain he's in.

I really hope they all make it...especially Jeff.


I forgot to mention this. Sunday morning, Brin informed me that John Stewart had passed away.

Now, all you young'uns will think of John Stewart from The Daily Show. Wrong guy. The John Stewart I know was a member of the old musical group The Kingston Trio and had a huge solo hit with a song called "Gold". One of my favorites of his was "Lost Her In The Sun".

Oh, he also wrote a song that was recorded by some group called The Monkees.


Awhile ago I mentioned a Dutch lawmaker making a movie about the Koran that was considered "insulting to Islam".

Well, an Iranian minister is warning that there will be widespread protests and wants the Hague to ban the film, because "Muslims will not tolerate any insult to Islam".

Gosh, the movie "The Golden Compass" came out...and Christianity survived without threats. I haven’t heard any member of any Christian or Catholic church call for the death of the original author, the writer of the screenplay, the director, or any of the actors.

Just sayin'.


Well, time for me to move on.

Be seeing you.


9 comments so far

artgnome - 2008-01-22 16:46:37 -
and yet we Christians are often portrayed and assumed as evil and intolerant.


Jeff - 2008-01-22 17:43:48 -
First, sad news about John Stewart. I grew up listening to the Kingston Trio because my dad loved them and had lots of their records. I've even bought records of theirs when I could find them at Half Price Books. Second, it seems that only Muslims can get away with making death threats to anyone who "insults" their religion. And our beloved politicians would have us believe that they are "peacable" and we should try to make them feel warm and fuzzy.


Dave - 2008-01-22 17:50:48 -
Jeff, I have no doubt that many Muslims are, in fact, genuinely nice peaceful people. My biggest problem is that NONE of these folks are protesting the fact that their religion has been hijacked by the extremists. When Fred Phelps or one of those losers says something stupid, there are plenty who say that he's wrong. But there's nothing from the "moderate" Muslims.


requiel - 2008-01-22 20:25:05 -
INFIDEL!!! I kill you! hee,hee. Please watch this if you don't know what I'm referring to....ummmmm....thank you.


Smed - 2008-01-22 20:35:08 -
The reason you don't hear about Muslims who are unhappy with their religion being hijacked is that it's NOT news. The Twin Cities have many Muslims. Letters to the editors are written and published once in a while, and positive stories are published once in a while, but it's NOT news, because it's not scaremongering.


Acorn - 2008-01-22 20:54:06 -
That freaked me out about John Stewart until I read further that it wasn't the John Stewart from the daily show that I am more failiar with. I'm just getting home from work and heard about Heath Ledger passing, and for a split second I was like, "What the fuck?!?"


Bob - 2008-01-23 09:58:38 -
To be fair, while a lot of people say, 'Fred Phelps is a kook' and THEN ignore him, many people skip the first part. It's the same, I suspect, for those Muslims who do not speak out against their more vocal and violent kin - there's some internalized belief in community or something that stifles internal dissent.


Dave - 2008-01-23 14:32:35 -
Re Islam - if I understand correctly (and I may be wrong), it's against the Koran to speak out against another Muslim. That may be a good-sized chunk of it.
Re Fred Phelps - some folks are calling more attention to him to show what a sleaze he is.


Dave - 2008-01-23 14:34:52 -
Smed: When Islam is insulted, the extremists march. I haven't seen any kind of similar marching from the moderate Muslims, marching against the extremists. Either they aren't, or the media simply isn't covering it.


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