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I Wish It Would Rain Down [Unless I'm Driving]

2008-01-28 - 12:05 p.m.

Well, well. After this little teaser, how could I not share?

We got to the Queen Mary just fine, unloaded, and got everything up to the Royal Salon. We got everything set up, did the sound check, everything was good.

I had copies of the schedule (planned out to the MINUTE) in front of me, and one at the table. I was to announce the wedding party, the toast, the bouquet and garter tosses, the newlywed dance, the money dance, all the requests...whew.

During the dinner, it started to rain...and I mean RAIN. I could see sheets of water coming down. But then I went back inside and we got started.

Everything went off with only one minor hitch - we didn't get to all the requests. We were "scheduled" to be done by 3:45, and we wound up not doing about 15 out of 40 songs on our "playlist".

When we started the break-down, I took another look outside. The rain had stopped. We got everything off the ship and into the car...and it started again. Things seemed to be on our side.

After a couple small mishaps (I kept taking the wrong transition roads), I got onto the 22 east. Now it started to pour, and we were heading into the storm.

Then it got...hairy.

We were in the carpool lane. I took a gentle curve (I was doing 55 in this monsoon) and hit a puddle...and hydroplaned. I could feel us riding the sheet of water, totally out of contact with the road.

Brin gasped. I hit the brake - wrong move. We started to skid.

Now, my stepfather was a high school driving instructor. He taught me well. I took my foot off the brake and stayed off the gas. One second later, the tires contacted the road.

We hadn't drifted very far out of our lane, and THANKFULLY there wasn't anyone close enough to us to risk bumping. I course-corrected and made the wisest decision of the night - I got off the freeway and took surface streets where I could drive at 30 without being flipped off.

Brin's eyes were huge, and I could see she was still recovering. So I did what I always do - I made a joke.

"Well, now that we've soiled ourselves..."

That broke the tension. She busted up.

And we were okay.


We made it back to my place (the rain had stopped AGAIN for the load-out) and proceeded to order a pizza and watch Ratatouille.

And then go to bed early.


So, since we didn't die...I have to go to work.

Shower's free (some things don't change).

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

requiel - 2008-01-29 20:25:29 -
Phew!!! thank goodness you are both ok. Good driving there Tex. Very scary.


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