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My Heart Has Been Sentenced To Jail

2008-02-08 - 11:11 a.m.

Brin made it safely home. Solange wandered around for a bit, trying to figure out where the other human went. Then she settled down and we watched Whose Line while I did some laundry. At about 1:30am or so, I hit the wall and crashed.



And now, your global warming Moment Of Zen.

Another scientist is calling for harsh penalties for AGW skeptics:

David Suzuki has called for political leaders to be thrown in jail for ignoring the science behind climate change.

At a Montreal conference last Thursday, the prominent scientist, broadcaster and Order of Canada recipient exhorted a packed house of 600 to hold politicians legally accountable for what he called an intergenerational crime. Though a spokesman said yesterday the call for imprisonment was not meant to be taken literally, Dr. Suzuki reportedly made similar remarks in an address at the University of Toronto last month.

The proposal has lit up many conservative blogs since it was first reported by the McGill Daily on Monday.

Addressing the McGill Business Conference on Sustainability, hosted by the Faculty of Management, Dr. Suzuki's wide-ranging speech warned against favouring the economy to the detriment of the ecology -- the tarsands in Northern Alberta being his prime example.

"You have lived your entire lives in a completely unsustainable period," he told students and fans. "You all think growth and [climate] change is normal. It's not."

Toward the end of his speech, Dr. Suzuki said that "we can no longer tolerate what's going on in Ottawa and Edmonton" and then encouraged attendees to hold politicians to a greater green standard.

"What I would challenge you to do is to put a lot of effort into trying to see whether there's a legal way of throwing our so-called leaders into jail because what they're doing is a criminal act," said Dr. Suzuki, a former board member of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

"It's an intergenerational crime in the face of all the knowledge and science from over 20 years."

The statement elicited rounds of applause.

"He sounded serious," said McGill Tribune news editor Vincci Tsui, who covered the event. "I think he wanted to send home the message that this is very crucial issue."

When asked for further comment, Dan Maceluch, a spokesman for Dr. Suzuki, said that he did not mean the statement to be taken literally.

"He's not advocating locking people up, but he is pulling his hair out."

How a law concerning climate-change denial could be enforced baffled at least one leading criminal-law expert. "We used to have an offence of spreading false news," said Kent Roach, the Prichard-Wilson Chair of Law and Public Policy at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

"But that was struck down by the Supreme Court."

Yet there could be a better blueprint for Dr. Suzuki's legal scenario.

The Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act, a Liberal-sponsored private member's bill that passed and was given Royal Assent last year, legally requires the Conservative government to abide by the international pact's short-term environmental targets.

In the event that conditions are not met, government officials are held liable.

"Every person who contravenes a regulation made under this Act is guilty of an offence punishable by indictment or on summary conviction, as prescribed by the regulations," the act reads, "and liable to a fine or to imprisonment as prescribed by the regulations."

The act adds that there are further legal measures in the event of subsequent and continuing offences, but does not specify the penalties.

The Conservative government said last year it would not abide by the Liberal-sponsored bill, since private member's bills cannot force the government to spend money.

So dissenting government oficials should be jailed...but he "didn't mean it". Then why did he SAY it?

Yes, I'm a skeptic when it comes to AGW. All the pro-AGW have are computer simulations that use skewed data - simulations that can't correctly predict weather when CORRECT facts are input (give them info from the month of March 2006, for example, and it won't correctly predict what had happened in April 2006). They screech that ANY dissent is paid for by Big Oil. The biggest schill, Al Gore, constantly claims "the science is settled" and flat-out refuses to debate with anyone that maybe, just maybe, it isn't "settled". And don't forget his quote where he claimed it was all right to "exaggerate" the facts - as in, lie.

Oh, and I'm not being paid by Big Oil. I have my own opinions - they haven't been bought and paid for. If they were, I wouldn't be living in a two-bedroom apartment in the barrio.


Saw this on Boortz and had to share:

Love it.


Well, there's laundry to do and lunch to be had.

And then, the gig.

Be seeing you.


3 comments so far

requiel - 2008-02-08 16:54:30 -
You two seem to have so much fun, I'm sure it's hard when she leaves.


Dave - 2008-02-08 17:31:51 -
We do have a great deal of fun. But it's always nice to have my apartment back, do so much laundry that I can walk around without having to worry about someone else seeing me (if you get my drift), getting my bed back, etc.


Brin - 2008-02-09 05:43:55 -
I have little to no objection to the current hotbunk arrangement, but I'm sure Solange is mightily confused by now!!!


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