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2008-03-07 - 11:01 a.m.

Today is Tax Guy day. I spent last night prepping everything and getting the package ready. All my receipts are together in one place, and I even figured out how to do a table in Excel that itemizes everything, totals columns, etc. I don't use Excel very often, so even the basic functions of it are a mystery to me. But I managed to get it all together.

This is going to be much easier than my trip to the dentist.


I've been reading Phil Foglio's science-fiction comic Buck Godot online lately. I have copies of the first two collections ("Zap Gun For Hire" and "PSmIth") but I didn't know the story had continued. I've learned a few things about Buck - evidently he's a Hoffmannite, from a planet of much more Gs than his chosen home of New Hong Kong. This explains his size and his seemingly phenomenal strength (when you're used to a planet with a gravity of 3 Gs and then you go to a 1 G, you'd be able to throw people around like dolls). Hoffmannites are also much much tougher than "normal people" (whom they've referred to as "jellybones") - Buck says that courting usually starts with high explosives.

Anyway, one of Buck's closest friends is a young lady named Louisa Dem Five, who runs a very successful business called The Velvet Fist, the most popular brothel in humanspace. Buck never partakes of Lou'"product" because he'd literally kill anyone he...well, YOU know. Lou is an exhibitionist and highly sexual woman - she's seen in one of the early pages wearing a leotard with the legend FOR RENT across her very impressive chest. In the current story, Lou has hired Buck as a bodyguard, they go to a formal party, and absolutely no one has tried to pick Lou up...despite her very brief outfit and her flirting like all git-out with anything sexually compatible with humans. This has left her self-esteem rather crushed.

You needed all that info to put the current page into perspective. Here, Lou comes on to Buck very gently, and Buck's reply is just as gentle. I thought it was a lovely exchange between two very close friends, so I thought I'd share.

If you want to start the entire Godot saga from the beginning, it's over here. If you've read the collections, then the story continues here.

Science fiction, humor, a reluctant hero, and sex - so what's not to like?


In the Older Than Dirt Dept.:

This was one of my favorite songs from Sesame Street. And now I get to share it with y'all.



Not much else happening, except that I found out that our next gaming day is tomorrow. So I'll go after work.

Oh, and don't forget to reset your clocks - DST starts Sunday. Oh, I'll hate to lose that hour of sleep.

Be seeing you.


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Jeff - 2008-03-07 18:08:53 -
Thanks for the suggestion of the sf comic. I'll check it out. I've rediscovered the comic book, lately (excuse me...."graphic novel") and am reading several series now.


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