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Sometimes The Good Guys Finish First

2008-03-12 - 12:11 p.m.

Got word yesterday from Mark Evanier's blog that Dave Stevens has passed. Dave created a fine comic called The Rocketeer (yes, the one the movie is based on). He also arguably helped bring Bettie Page back into vogue by using her face as the model for Betty, the heroine of the whole thing.

I used to have some limited edition prints from The Rocketeer, signed by Dave and later personalized. I lost most of my original comic art in a move, and regretted it ever since. Dave Stevens, on the few occasions I met him (at various San Diego Comic Cons), was a genuinely nice guy who was amazed that I had gotten some of those limited editions.

I was shocked to hear of his passing, and I'll remember the friendly, kind gentleman who put up with a frothing fan boy.


Interesting article here on MSM bias. ABC News put in a pop-up slideshow about political sex scandals. Of the thirteen shown, most who were Republicans were identified as such...whereas Democrats were not (the lone exception was Gerry Studds, and his scandal was twenty-five years ago). They didn't even ID Eliot Spitzer as a Democrat...or Bill Clinton, for that matter.

Accidental? Personally, I doubt it. And I'm sure they aren't the only ones with a bias. But this was pretty blatant.

Speaking of Spitzer...


Some Southern Baptist leaders are saying we aren't doing enough to combat global warming.



"Media Jihad", huh?


Well, work awaits.

Be seeing you.


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Bob - 2008-03-13 07:23:09 -
On the other end of that media bias spectrum, when a CBS News reporter listed 'Mayors, Congressmen, Candidates, and Presidents,' - all of the photos were of Democrats (Newsom, Condit, Hart, Clinton). Or you can throw stones at FOX News' habit of misidentifying Republicans as Democrats.


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