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2008-03-18 - 12:08 p.m.

Bought a new litter box for Solange. I used some of my tax refund and got her a LitterMaid from - got word that it should be here by Friday.

Part of my dream last night involved receiving it, opening it...and finding that, amidst all the wrapping and packing excelsior, it was the size of a piece of loose-leaf paper.

I'm hoping it's a touch bigger than that.


Florida's Democratic Party has decided NOT to push for an election do-over, "leaving a decision on what to do with the state's delegates entirely to the national party".

Here's the amazing thing: according to the article, "thousands of voters had sent in messages expressing their preference after the Democratic National Committee invalidated the January 29 balloting to punish Florida for holding its primary early". As in, they want the party to take their medicine.

The Republicans, who also had an early primary despite their Party's instructions, are also penalized by losing half their delegate count.

Good for the voters in Florida for standing up to Queen Hillary and telling her to play the game by the rules - and penalties - that were agreed to.


Brin pointed this out to me.

Maybe they're Hillary fans out there at MSNBC.


Seems that some Muslims in the UK are upset about other immigrants - Polish immigrants.

Here's the quote from the article:

"Poles work beyond the minimum wage, drink, abuse their women and offend us by putting up stalls with pork sausage everywhere, says a young member of the Muslim community in Luton, near London, quoted by the Polska daily.

A Muslim complaining about others "abusing their women"? Oh wait - Muslims do it because the Koran says that they can. Polish folk do it because they make too much money and drink.


Speaking of the Koran, Geert Wilders is premiering his movie, which is critical of the Koran, this Sunday.

He won't last till the end of the year - a Muslim extremist will kill him for blasphemy.


Whoever buys Neverland Ranch has a lot of work to do.

Maybe Warner Bros. could buy it and use it as the hideout for a certain Clown Prince Of Crime.


Since some corn is now being used for ethanol, food prices are going up...and not always where you would expect.


Time to move on to the day.

Be seeing you.


3 comments so far

Brin - 2008-03-18 14:19:31 -
Apparently the speech byte is still popping up in the window with either the Oreo ad, or one for Crystal Light, inviting you to 'put a little color in your life.'


Smed - 2008-03-18 21:31:56 -
A FEW Muslims do it because they interpret the Koran in a certain way. Wearing a headscarf is not abuse. What about women who are forced to be 'submissive' to men because of the BIBLE! You don't talk about them, but they are out there. Think about why Phyllis Schafly and that bunch are out there. Because it's in the BIBLE!


Dave - 2008-03-19 02:18:57 -
Smed, you constantly mention that the Bible is cause for a lot of grief, and don't cite examples. Tell me about one instance, in the here and now, where someone killed someone else because the Bible said to...and that killer was then told by his priest that he did the right thing and was right to commit that murder.

That happens frequently with Islam. I have yet to see any examples of Christian "honor killings" that have been sanctioned by a religious figure in the same way that imams and Islam extremists have sanctioned murder in the name of Islam.


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