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2008-03-27 - 12:07 p.m.

Last night was the final evening (for me) of working during Spring Break. Things were appropriately crazy but we managed to get everything done and take care of all the customers, even the rude ones.

I have today and Friday off, then I work Saturday and Sunday mornings. By Monday, school will be back in and we can relax a bit.


Lt. Col. Frances Rice wrote an open letter to the Democrats that is scathing in its accusations about race.

But then, she's a black woman who writes intelligently and coherently, and is successful in the some will say she either sold out or "isn't black enough", whatever the hell THAT means.

If she's speaking the truth, does it matter?


So the city of Chicago, in an effort to get more revenue, added a five cent tax to every container of bottled water sold in the city. The tax revenue is 40% below expectations.

Now, they admit that not much bottled water is sold in January, so the revenue levels aren't anything to worry about. But there has been a spike in bottled water purchases in the suburban areas outside of the city limits.

Folks may simply buy a Brita pitcher and tell the city to fuck off.


Here's a video of Hillary under sniper fire. No word if it was leaked by the Clinton campaign.


The Flying Spaghetti Monster made an appearance in Crossville, Tennessee.

"May you be touched by its noodley appendage."


I need to wash the bedding today, which means a trip to the laundromat...and cheap Chinese food.


Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

stepfordtart - 2008-03-27 15:44:20 -
I know its kind of old news now, but I just read your last entry and thought it might cheer you up to know that we are currently paying 1.08/litre for gas. With 3.78 litres to the US gallon, thats 4.08/US gallon, or a whopping $8.08/gallon if you want the currency converted as well. I drive a very thirsty sports car. Weep with me. s x


Dave - 2008-03-27 16:08:22 -
Welcome in! I do feel your pain - the only things that help me is that a tank for gas (about $50-60US) lasts me over two weeks since I drive very little, and my weekly band stipend. Many folks live where home costs are cheaper and commute, but the money they save winds up going into the gas tank for that daily drive.


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