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2008-03-31 - 1:05 p.m.

So. My weekend.

Work was swamped as parents and kids enjoyed their last weekend of Spring Break. We had enough employees that I had help up in LazerTag, going non-stop for about five hours. Then I went home and watched the Angels wipe out the Padres 11-3 in their last spring training game. To be fair, the Angels had help - the Padres made several mistakes and bad throws.

Sunday was also hectic, but to a slightly less degree than Saturday. I stayed home and flopped.

Now a new week begins. There's still a couple districts that are off this week, but it's not nearly as many kids as these last two weeks.


I also found out that the Carl's Jr. by my work is going to be closed for the next three months for a "re-build".

I don't know if this means a kitchen re-furbish, a dining room re-do, or a complete demolition-and-rebuild.

More bulletins are events warrant. In the meantime, I'll be driving elsewhere and eating in the car as I come back.


Mark Steyn writes about Hillary and her "misspeaking". Seems this has happened, at least twelve years ago.

Frank Rich weighs in here about Hillary's internet ignorance.


In more Hillary news, there seems to be a viable option if she finally gives up this race.

If she takes it, it will certainly give her more actual imperial empirical experience for when she tries again for the coronation nomination.


So three high school kids are charged with felony assault after shooting a woman in the stomach with a BB gun. Here's what her husband had to say:

A corporate attorney, Baltich said neither he nor his wife knew of Aminu or his athletic exploits. But he said he has heard the three teens were good kids with good reputations, and he asked a police detective to pass along a message to prosecutors: Go easy on them.

"People make mistakes. People do dumb things, particularly high-schoolers," Baltich said. "My wife is a very forgiving person, and that side of her feels awful for the boys, too."

The guy they are referring to is an "All-American basketball player" who led his school to a third championship. If they were "good kids with good reputations", why are they shooting people with a BB gun?


Time to move into the day. The Angels play their opener against the Twins tonight.

Let the season begin.

Be seeing you.


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