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The Tulsa [and iPod] Shuffle

2008-04-04 - 11:12 a.m.

Yesterday I watched the Angels let a 3-0 lead go to a 5-4 win. They never lost the lead, but the Twins kept rallying back within striking distance. Closer Frankie Rodriguez gave up two walks in the ninth before striking out the last batter to take it. Tonight the Angels come home for their home opener against the Rangers.

After the game, I went to the airport to pick up Brin. We did some errands, took a nap (she was wiped out from the flight, I was wiped out from lack of sleep the night before), and then watched some Animaniacs. Brin had bought a new iPod shuffle, but discovered she needed to upgrade the software on her laptop. So we spent some time downloading everything (yay for cable internet) and then noodling with the shuffle to get everything functioning. She's impressed with the sound quality and ease-of-use.

So why the shuffle and not the nano? Well, in my case I really don't need it for the videos. I just need something to carry tunes while I walk, and the shuffle can be easily clipped to a sleeve.


Found this in Fark, and it's too good not to share. I can't beat the Fark headline, so here it is:

17-year old kid nicknamed "A-Bomb" decides to write his name on a briefcase and park on FSU campus. What could possibly go wrong?

See? How can I top that?


Also from Fark: a woman tries to rob a bank in Detroit. As part of the fiction, she filled out an account application...using her real name and address. The cops picked her up without incident.

Another Darwin Award winner in the making.


And now, stupid government people:

In Seattle, there's a plan to impose a 20 cent per bag "green fee" to combat pollution. By 2010, there would even be a ban on plastic food containers from restaurants.

Here's the kicker:

The grocery bag fees would generate about $10 million a year, according to Seattle Public Utilities. The money would be used to administer and enforce the rules, to buy and promote reusable bags, and to expand recycling, environmental education and waste prevention programs.

In other words, the program will feed on itself. So why bother with the program? Why make taxpayers pay more?


Gah, I'm hungry. I'm about ready to start chewing water.

Lunch, more errands, and then the gig.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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