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The Man With The Cigar

2008-04-15 - 11:53 a.m.

Well, it's Tax Day. As of this writing, you have about twelve hours to file if you haven't already done so.

I got lucky - I started prepping back in February because one of my forms sometimes is very late. This time I pressed a little more, and got it early enough to file back in March.

So my only responsibility today is NOT to go anywhere near a post office.


Okay, political opinion time. Skip if you feel like it. Oh, and this is the item the title links to. It's a song about a boss. Here's the lyrics.

Thomas Sowell writes here about Barack Obama's image and how it contradicts what he's done for the past several years.

This year, I'm not a big fan of anybody. But with all the Hillary and Obama bullshit, I may wind up voting for McCain...who wants to punish Wall Street for the current alleged "recession". Actually, we're not in that bad of a shape: unemployment is pretty low, many of the so-called poor have a higher standard of living that middle-class folks in Europe, and our economy is growing...just not as fast as we'd hoped.

The two biggest crises facing us right now, IMHO, is housing and energy. Government wants to bail out sub-prime lenders who didn't read the fine print in their mortgages (which came about, BTW, when the government decided in 1978 that mortgage requirements were too strict because not enough minorities qualified - thus was born the sub-prime) but decided to get that new car and not be ready when the payment went up...or didn't consider that someone may lose their job or not get that raise.

As for energy - which to me includes gasoline - we have government officials (mostly Democrats) who cry about global warming but won't let new nuclear power plants be built, and who whine about the cost of foreign oil but won't let us drill in ANWR and put up restrictions as to other new drilling...or won't let us drill due to another endangered species. And ethanol isn't the answer - but due to government subsidies, more farmers are growing corn for ethanol at the expense of feeding food prices in MANY forms are going up.

Solar and wind power are fine things, and they also, IMHO, have a place in our energy programs. But they aren't consistent. If those sources can charge capacitors or some other form of battery, perhaps they could work like an emergency flashlight - as a back-up.

All of that is just my opinion. I'm not out to change anyone's mind. It's just something to consider.


Seems like Baltimore, MD, has no least technically. Why not? Because the re-elected mayor decided to be childish and the City Court Clerk is abusing his authority. And because of all this, some city business can't be done.

California has its own political liabilities, but I'm glad I'm here.


Here's a reminder of where some of our tax money is going.

And here's another one.

Happy Tax Day.


Now, in the Whatta Dumbshit Dept.:

A woman who tried to hold up a bank in Texas "gave investigators a vital clue" when they discovered that she had written her hold-up note on the back of a food stamp application...which she had filled out.

Insert your own punchline here.


Okay, time to get going.

Shower's free.

You have twelve hours. Good luck.

Be seeing you.


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