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2008-04-18 - 11:45 a.m.

Brin managed to finish packing without screaming at me to "stay out of her way" too much, and we got her to the airport in plenty of time - both for her flight and for me to make it to my seat at the Angels-Royals game.

It was a good one. The Royals scored first, but the Angels picked up 3 to get the lead and keep it. The Angels took it with a score of 5-3.

One amusing sight at the game - a foul ball went in manager Mike Scioscia's direction and he just raised up a hand and caught it. Maybe he could be another back-up catcher - he was one of the Dodger's best for years.

Anyway, I then came home and, with help from a friend, figured out why my LightScribe DVD burner wouldn't was the stupid software. Looks like it's time for an upgrade.

Then I collapsed in my reclaimed apartment with a cat on my chest.



Now, I'm trying to understand this.

Obama was told that, if capital gains taxes are lowered, tax revenue goes up - and vice versa (raise the capital gains tax and tax revenue goes down). Then he was asked why, despite these statistics, he wants to raise capital gains taxes...and Obama replied that it was "out of fairness".

Huh? If someone works their tail off, gets an education, subsequently gets a job and works hard to get a good paycheck, and wisely invests...why is it "fair" to take more money? The "rich" already pay a disproportionate amount of income taxes.

Do you want a government official to determine how much of your hard-earned money is "fair" for you to keep, and how much is "fair" to be taken away and given to someone else? Then vote for Obama.


NBC is working with an ad agency to create programs centered around the sponsors' products.

This is being touted like it's a new idea, which of course it isn't. We had these long ago in the 1980's and 1990's.

They were called Saturday morning cartoons.


In the Like This Is A Surprise Dept.:

In Dubai, something else has been declared to desecrate the name of Allah - printing any of the "99 names of Almighty God" on labels for urine or stool samples. So if your name is Muhammed or any one of the other 98 and you must to go to the doctor, the doctor can't ask you to provide such a sample and put your name on it.

Hey, they named their children this way. Besides, Christians have no problem with the Latino name "Jesus" on such labels.


Today I have a metric assload of laundry to do, so I'm home for the duration. Until the gig, of course.

Oh, and Brin...thanks for being such a gracious guest. Watch your mailbox. BWAH HAH hah hah...

Be seeing you.


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