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Blinded By The Light

2008-04-22 - 1:40 p.m.

Things are bouncing around today. I slept in, which meant I missed a call from my boss about a possible schedule change. Then I made a buncha phone calls, and I took one from a woman who said someone had called with MY phone number asking for church information. I told her I had just awakened and my phone had been off that entire time - which was, of course, true.

I hope I haven't been cloned.


They are having to require permits for laser pointers in Australia because some assholes are using them on pilots - like, during take-off and landing. Pilots get blinded for a split-second, and sometimes that's all it takes.

It's sad that such an extreme measure is needed just because some people think it's fun to cause accidents. We had a spate of those here in California - some fuckheads thought it would be funny to shine a laser pointer in the eyes of helicopter pilots and that they wouldn't get caught. Turns out, they DID get caught and punished.

I have a much better use for a laser pointer - making Solange chase the beam and get some exercise.


Last night all three candidates had filmed promos on WWE Raw.

Actual line: "Can you smell what Barack is cookin'?"


Interesting take on this week's cover of Time by Dennis Prager.

Judging from some of the discussions I've had, Prager is correct - the left fights AGW because it's safer than fighting Islamic extremism.


Speaking of Time magazine...

FARK runs Photoshop contests every once in awhile. Here's one that asks - what would you put on a Time cover?

Some of these are pretty funny. Not all are political.


Okay, I need to get moving if I'm gonna get lunch before work.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Bob - 2008-04-22 19:11:29 -
It's not that fighting AGW is safer, it's that they're more afraid of climate change (end of the world) than Islamic extremists coming here and makin' all the girls wear burquas.


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