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Children Of The Moon

2008-04-28 - 12:12 p.m.

The temperatures spiked here in soCal - we went from the 80s to the mid-100s for the weekend. I've worked to keep the place cool, and I've pretty much succeeded.

The temps are supposed to fall another twenty degrees over the next couple days. Looking forward to it.


SciFi is running the Christopher Eccleston episodes of Doctor Who. I got to see him regenerate into David Tennant.

Very cool.


In a Florida school district, a school-uniform policy was instituted. Some parents started barking about the cost. A school board member sent a response to these folks:

"Everyone can afford Wal-Mart and if they can't they need to think about turning off their cable TV or stop buying alcohol or cigarettes and spend their money on their children."

One parent: "It is insulting. I have to go to school, I have a job and sometimes it's really hard you have to struggle and to have them say something like that is really degrading."

Why are they having children if they can't afford it?


In other school news, a district in Norfolk, Virginia is thinking of lowering academic requirements so freshmen can keep playing sports. It seems that 30% of ninth-graders don't have the GPA required to play sports, so they might wind up lowering that requirement.

The current level? A mere 2.0 - a C average. Their head football coach said he "lost about 30 junior varsity athletes - mostly freshmen - because of the 2.0 rule two years ago, and only a quarter of them tried out again".

So it's more important to keep them on the team than it is to educate them?


Time to get going. I hate to go out in the heat, but I have much to do.

Be seeing you.


3 comments so far

Smed - 2008-04-28 17:25:50 -
Why are they having children if they can't afford it?

Of all of the insensitive things - are you insinuating that these parents don't want to love and support their children? Do you think that these parents did not intend to give their children as much support and care as possible? Do you have any idea of the reality of these parents situation? You know, they could have been laid off from a job, or the plant shut down, or some medical tragedy befell their family, yet you insinuate that they are wantonly having kids and then asking for others to pay for them? Economic conditions for a family can change in a very short amount of time. Your statement is wrong on so many levels. If you don't know the situation of the parents, then don't speculate.


Brin - 2008-04-29 02:47:31 -
Coulda shoulda woulda. You don't know anything about their situation either, so stop your infantile projecting. Don't squeeze em out if you can't afford their expenditures. Sounds pretty cut and dried to me.


Dave - 2008-04-29 02:53:50 -
Well,'s the Return of Smed!

And you're saying they didn't? It certainly is a possibility that they lost a job/went back to school/medical tragedy happened. But some parents today - usually teenagers - DO have children without considering all the ramifications, financial and otherwise. Some parents DO have kids and go on welfare, or figure the father will pay and don't bother to work until later on - AFTER they get their heads on straight. This is a woman who was bitching that she had a job AND was going to she can't afford Wal-Mart?

And Brin is right - you are ALSO speculating without knowing all the facts. You may very well be right - or I may be right.


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