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2008-04-29 - 12:02 p.m.

Okay, folks. Usually I don't use this space for such things, but I feel this is important enough to do so.

Our old friend Art (whose blog is over here) left his job in Utah and headed down to Arizona (he's staying with our own Rosie). He left his cat, Zipper, with a friend. Well, that friend can no longer keep Zipper - and in order for Art to get Zipper back Rosie's going to make the drive to get Zipper. Finances are needed for car rental and gas and such.

All the details are here. Contribute if you can, please.

Art will thank you. And so will Zipper.


Speaking of cats...

Solange has been hiding under the bed during this heat wave. I've tried to keep the place as cool as possible, but I can only do so much - even with the swamp cooler on, she doesn't like sitting in front of it.

This morning, when I opened the bedroom window, she came out immediately and jumped up to the sill to watch the birds that nest nearby and land on the power lines. She's very affectionate today, so I know she's okay.

Right now it's down to 75 degrees from the 105 of the weekend.


Speaking of cars and gas prices...

In the We Saw That Coming Dept.: Way back in 1994, the bill to stop mandating ethanol in gasoline was defeated by a VERY narrow margin in the Senate. In fact, the vote was TIED - the tie-breaker was the vote from the President of the Senate. One of the senators voting for the mandate (Paul Simon, D-IL) said, "The price of corn flakes isn't going to go up by one penny."

So the mandate block was tabled and eventually died. Now, we have food shortages, food prices are going up in all ranges (corn is now up to $6/bushel, including feed corn), and food riots are happening in the world's poorest countries (as Mark Steyn reports here, and Deroy Murdock here).

But what will be focused on are the energy bills that President Bush signed in 2003 and 2005 that included the ethanol mandates and subsidies. All will be blamed on him.

Oh, the name of the gentleman who cast that deciding vote back in 1994? Vice President Al Gore.


As it turns out, some of those "free Tibet" flags were in fact made in China.

Heads will roll - literally.


And finally, a man who claims to be the devil made a bomb threat at Planet Hollywood in Florida's Downtown Disney.

No word on if Saddam Hussein was waiting for him at home. "C'mon, guy - lighten up!"


Onward into the (cooler) day.

Be seeing you.


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