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2008-05-12 - 1:06 p.m.

Friday. The economic stimulus check arrives. Some of it must go towards savings. But I have enough for a bit of "fun" shopping.

Saturday. Game night. Got to learn something completely new and play some old favorites.

Sunday. Called my mom to wish her a happy Mother's Day. After work, Sam Ash - yet again. We're still working on getting a mount that works properly with my tom-tom. This time, I think we found one with the right type of wing-nut that will work properly. Here's hoping.

Then to Petco, where Solange gets a nice new window shelf, which she loves. I also got a two-tier scratching thingie, which isn't going over as well.

The laser pointer was a big hit, though. She'll chase that thing all over the apartment.


Columnist George Will has some questions for John McCain. And Barack Obama.

Anyone wanna bet any of these will be asked? Didn't think so.

And speaking of Obama...he needs a new speech writer. Preferably one who checks his facts.


Gosh - Al Sharpton owes almost $1.5 million in back taxes.

Sharpton is calling it "intimidation". But I'll bet that if it was a white man, Sharpton would be screaming that that man pay what he owes.

I wonder if Sharpton will start calling the IRS "racist".


From the It's All About The Benjamins Dept.:

A woman went into a potentially fatal diabetic coma while in line at a New York-area Walgreens. Two nurses and an off duty sheriff's officer happened to be in line. They grab a carton of OJ, some sugar, and a glucometer and manage to raise her blood sugar a little bit. According to their reports, after the paramedics took the patient away, the Walgreens manager came out to demand that the merchandise be paid for, otherwise it's shoplifting. Good thing they were there, otherwise he might have tried to fine the diabetic for blocking the checkout line.

The story is here.


Gotta get some lunch now. And then, work.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

John - 2008-05-13 14:47:25 -
To get Solange to start using the scratching thingie, rub it with some catnip.


artgnome - 2008-05-12 16:33:15 -
oh yeah, all teh kittehs loves the red light like it's a gift from the ceiling cat Himself!


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