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2008-05-14 - 12:12 p.m.

Things are fairly quiet here at Chez Too Old. I hope to be going to the baseball game tomorrow night. We're starting to gear up for summer - we have five Grad Nights scheduled. And one of the supervisors is going to be gone on a family vacation for two months, starting next week.

On the upside, two former employees are coming back to work for the summer - so we'll have some experienced help.

Let the chaos begin.


So Hillary is all but eliminated no matter how you slice it - delegates, popular vote, superdelegates, ritual sacrifice...whatever.

Then why is she still staying in the race? Here's a possibility - so she can pay off her campaign debts. If she quits now, she can't do any more fundraising after the August Democratic convention. If she stays in the race until June 3, "she can keep raising money indefinitely".

And of course there's always a chance that she may get the nomination after all. But how many voters has she alienated in the last three months with her shenanigans?


There's hypocrisy on both sides, of course. But it seems Obama wants to set down rules for the campaign - rules only John McCain is intended to follow, of course.


Thomas Sowell talks about why politicians would rather not talk about why gasoline is so expensive - it's all about the melodrama.

And Walter Williams talks about who really is to blame for a lot of our big problems today - Congress.


John Hagee has apologized to the Catholic church for his hurtful comments, which evidently were made out of ignorance - he now claims to have "an improved understanding of the Catholic Church, its relation to the Jewish faith, and the history of anti-Catholicism". Magee's apology was accepted by Catholic League President William Donahue.

How nice. If Jeremiah Wright apologizes for his comments, would they be just as easily dismissed? Probably moreso, considering the rabid Obama worship that goes on.

Including in the media.


Okay, now for a bit of fun.

Kaja Foglio, the prettier half of the couple that does Girl Genius (link at left), posts over here about doing some shopping for her son. It seems the receipt made things appear more interesting than they are.

Phil must be even more open-minded than I thought.


Okay, I want to get some lunch and get a couple other things done before work.

Be seeing you.


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