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2008-05-16 - 12:15 p.m.

Went to the ballgame last night. It was a close one, with the White Sox squeaking it out 4-3.

It was "70's Night" at the ballpark. All the employees wore tie-dyed shirts and huge afro wigs (right down to the broadcasters) and facts from the 70s shown on the big board all night - things such as popular TV shows, movies, commercials, and so on. The Angels wore uniforms from their 70s incarnation, and the "portraits" of all the players had been tweaked so that everyone has afros, sweatbands, and the like on them.

But the biggest blast from the past was the gentleman who sang the National Anthem - some actor named Barry Blenkhorn who showed up in a fringed leather vest.

There was also a moment where a Rod Carew stat was on the board, and suddenly there was a live camera shot of Carew himself in the park. He got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Oh, and Matt Brown was playing third this game. He didn't get a hit, but contributed much to the defense - including a spectacular catch in foul territory.


Before 9 Chickweed Lane was found to be acceptable for the masses, Brooke McEldowney submitted a truly bizarre little strip called Wahoo Terminal. Some of the WT jokes got transferred to 9CW, usually to the equally bizarre character of Thorax.

Here is one set of two, and here is the first, second, and third in a series.

Weird can be fun.


Nice to know that the police in Leeds have things sufficiently under control that they can clamp down on a planned pillow fight.

Maybe it disturbs the winos peeing in the bushes.


Well, I need to try to get to the PO today. I bought this shirt, and it should be here. And lunch and the gig, etc. etc.

All this in 93 degree weather.

Stay cool.

Be seeing you.


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