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It's Going to Take Some Time

2008-05-29 - 12:51 p.m.

Day off today. I plan to get some more cat food and try out a new Chinese buffet to see if they are as good as New World was. Then I'll come home and do laundry and watch Doctor Who.

At least, that's the plan. And the best laid plans...


Yesterday the alarm fob on my keychain cracked, so there's no way to connect the keyring anymore.

I did a bit of searching and found an exact replacement case online for less than $15.



Since higher levels of CO2 tend to precede lower temperatures, here's your chance to fight global warming by increasing your CO2 output - it's Carbon Belch Day!


Hillary wrote a letter to the superdelegates outlining her reasons why she's still in the race. Evidently polls, charts, and maps made by Karl Rove (WTF??) were included - the whole thing is here.

One of the lines in the letter:

"[Americans] want a President who shares their core beliefs about our country and 'gets' what they go through every day to care for their families, pay the bills and try to put something away for the future."

Isn't this the same person who STILL hasn't paid most of her campaign debts?


A Manhattan lawyer is suing Delta Airlines for $1 million because the airline "ruined" his mom's birthday celebration in Argentina.

How did they do that? There were take-off delays and misplaced luggage, and they were not allowed to board a connecting flight because of the first delay. They also claim that the people they interacted with were "rude" and "nasty".

In other words...the usual, right? This guy must not fly much.

Okay, airline jokes aside, he makes it seem like they were singled out - "let's fuck this guy over as much as we can". If the delays were caused by something beyond Delta's control, and if it turns out FAA regulations wouldn't let them on the connecting plane (Homeland Security or somesuch), then he's got no basis for the suit.

Time will tell, I suppose.


In some states, illegal immigrants are eligible for worker's comp.

Sadly, California is one of those states.


Finally - FINALLY - there are plans to release the second season of Adam-12.

What's three YEARS between seasons?


Onward into the day.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Brin - 2008-05-29 15:53:46 -
Sigh. NOTHING will be as good as New World Buffet. Good luck trying, though!


Bob - 2008-05-30 14:19:28 -
Isn't Hillary the candidate who admitted she hadn't really pumped gas since Bill was president, thanks to the secret service? Given that we're in the habit of electing millionaires, it always bugs me when they try to claim the 'regular Joe' label for themselves.


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