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End Of The Game

2008-06-09 - 1:37 p.m.

An interesting and busy Sunday for me.

We've got a private gig next month, so I took a trip to the venue to check it out. The first snafu was the directions - the people hiring us gave me the streets directions in the wrong order. Fortunately, I figured that part out.

Then when I got there, the lady I was meeting with tells me that she had forgotten I was coming. Oops.

But I did get a look at it - it's the pool clubhouse of a VERY upscale neighborhood. We'll have lots of outlets to use and plenty of room for the dance floor - once they move the ping-pong table.


After that, I came home and tried to catch the end of the Angels/Athletics game. They worked it into a 3-3 tie and took it to the 12th inning.

Bottom of the 12th. Athletics up to bat. Bases are loaded. Mark Ellis comes to the plate. My screen goes black.

No kidding. KCOP lost the signal for about five minutes. And during that interval, Ellis hits a walk-off grand slam to win the game for the A's.

I missed the end of the game - a game that ended in spectacular fashion.

So what else could I do? I went to Disneyland.

By the way, the Angels have nothing to be ashamed about for this series. They had won the first two games and it took twelve innings for the A's to win this one.


Speaking of the end of the game...

Hillary finally conceded. Yay. But she won't go away. She'll continue to stick her nose into this campaign.

But there probably won't be a run for her in 2012. All the lies and attitudes she brought into THIS campaign will be brought up and she won't even come close.

For badly as she wanted the presidency, I hope she's not planning something stupid like an assassination attempt.

She DID invoke the spectre of Bobby Kennedy, after all.


Okay, someone explain this: a Kansas City judge presiding over a rape trial agrees to a pre-trial motion from the defense.

That motion? The words "rape", "sexual assault", "assailant", and "victim" were not to be used during the course of the trial.

Get that? The defendant's rights were more important that the rape victim's free speech rights.

All together now - HUH???


The Financial Times has an article here about why the high levels of CO2 is a Good Thing.


Today's title comes from the second album from these guys.


Onward into the sunlight.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Jeff - 2008-06-09 22:53:21 -
I feel your pain on the baseball game. I was watching a Red Sox/Yankees game one Saturday afternoon, and they had had a long rain delay. When it came back on, Papelbon was pitching, down to the last strike. Network switched to the beginning of a NASCAR race. You could hear me screaming for blocks! One bloody pitch! 10-15 seconds! But no...we had to see the BEGINNING of a stupid NASCAR race. Not the end, mind you...the beginning. As for that KC judge...that's just a sign of our times, there. "Free speech" will soon be a thing of the past. Hate crime legislations are seeing to that.


Bob - 2008-06-10 09:42:50 -
If we can't protect a candidate from an assassination attempt, I don't see how we can possibly be protecting a nation from terrorism. - As for the 'rape' ruling, I don't get it. I'd only restrict terms that allow the defendant to claim special favor, i.e. justify things through skewed religious or other views. I wonder if this is PC horsecrap stemming from 'abortion is/isn't murder' because a fetus is/isn't a human being.


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