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2008-07-02 - 12:10 p.m.

Today, Brin packs for her trip back to San Francisco.

My plans for they day? To stay out of her way until I go to work, so she doesn't run me over.


Forgot to mention this: yesterday the gardeners worked on the front lawn and the shrubberies. They took the big trash can assigned to my apartment, put the clippings in it, and left it by the curb.

Now, I'm of two minds, here. One, I'm a touch annoyed that they took my can without asking - but then, they use my can frequently for such rubbish because I don't generate very much garbage.

On the other hand, they wheeled it from the back gated area (where all the cans live) around the complex to the front and put it by the curb - meaning I didn't have to do it.

I think in this case, appreciation wins out over annoyance.


As mentioned here, Brin and I went to visit Bob last night. He presented her with a DVD of something that's now running over on our public access channel.

Since Bob is still recovering from the infections that caused him to skip last Friday's gig, he tended to stay in his armchair and rest. We found out that night that his DVD player (bought used) didn't have a remote. We found this out when he asked us to stand by the unit and press buttons on it.

I scribbled down the make/model of his player and checked eBay when we got home. Sure enough, there's one for the "outrageous" price of $12 plus shipping. I promptly bought it, and I should have it in time to present it to him at the gig on the 11th.

Mischief managed.


In Scotland, Muslims are offended.

So what else is new, you ask? They are offended by a poster showing a puppy sitting in a policeman's hat. According to Islam, dogs are unclean.

Let's just add it to the list.


Hey, the Democratic National Convention is in Denver this August!

Come one, come all! All of America is invited...once you tithe.


Time to get into the day.

Be seeing you.


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