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When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)

2008-07-03 - 11:18 a.m.

Wonder of wonders, Brin was mostly packed by the time I came home last night. All that's left are the few things that she'll need and use for this last day of her visit.

We plan to make one last trip to HomeTown Buffet and then stop off at Ikea for a bit. There's a very nice gentleman in the foodies section named Ric who enjoys chatting with us when we visit.

Then it's to the airport to drop her and her luggage off for her flight.

Don't worry - I'll slow down.


Last week, NASA scientist James Hansen went before a Congressional committee and and said that the CEOs of fossil fuel companies "should be tried for high crimes against humanity and nature". Amy Ridenour comments here.

Interesting quote:

Hansen blames campaign contributions by lobbyists wearing alligator shoes for the decision of Senators such as Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) to oppose the billís limits on energy use.

A Rockefeller bribed by a handful of $2,000 campaign gifts? Get real.


Oh, one other thing - it's mentioned in the comments for this story that Hansen received $720,000 from the Soros Foundation (as in George Soros, one of the creators and financiers of

Who's in whose pocket?


Remember when the Democrats promised to fight earmark spending when they were elected in 2006? Well...


Some folks in Houston are upset by a Muslim group who left copies of the Quran on the residents' doorsteps.

The logic was to let Islam be judged by its book and not its extremists. Some of the receivers didn't see it that way. One is quoted as saying, "If we went into a Muslim country and left a Bible, we would be in prison and then decapitated a few years later".

True enough. But this IS still America. I get stuff stuck in my door all the time, usually ads for things I'm not interested in and will never need. I've had at least eight cards from a pregnancy clinic - at least I THINK it's a pregnancy clinic, since the entire card is in Spanish.

If I got a copy of the Quran this way, I think I would take it to the local mosque and donate it so it could get to someone who wants it.

If the intention was good, why not say "thanks but no thanks" and let it go at that?


Okay. Lots to do today and a flight to be on time for.

Shower's free.

Oh, and I will be posting tomorrow.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Bob - 2008-07-03 18:37:14 -
The only items that get my hackles up are the losers who leave their ads for lawn care in plastic bags with rocks ... and the bozos who drop their business cards INSIDE the screen door, so I have to use a yardstick to fish 'em out. A Koran? Not something I'd put high on the reading list, but it IS someone's holy text. Just pass it on or whatever, but let's be better than the Islamic radicals are.


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