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2008-07-17 - 1:47 p.m.

So. No post yesterday.

Didja miss me? Awwww.

Well, we were going to be filming episode #6 of Off The Wall. It's going to be the Halloween episode, which means strange characters (other than Bob and myself), strange music, and just more strange. Since we were going to be taping from 4pm on, I got scheduled to work the day shift. I didn't sleep well the night before, so I had a groggy day at work until I was able to escape, grab lunch at Panda Express, and go to the studio. Hence the reason for no post yesterday - I hadn't slept well, and I had to go to work early.

On this show, most of the dialogue will be between Bob (as Count Chance-ula) and "Morticia". She's the "manager" of our musical guest, Archibald The Singing Head. Since I don't have much to say during the main show (I'm playing "Igor Murph-ula"), Bob decided to have me do the commercial for Lazy Days Coffins. I spent a few days learning the script and about as much time convincing Bob that, since I was playing a vampire salesman, I should wear a white dress shirt with the cape. Bob kept saying no - he wanted me in all black. I brought the dress shirt anyway. He took one look at it and agreed that the dress shirt would look perfect.

We filmed a whole bunch of shots of our various ghouls and boys dancing (they'll be intercut with footage of The Singing Head). Then finally it came to my bit. We did about five takes in less than fifteen minutes. Everyone loved it. I was just pleased I'd managed to memorize the script.

Then we settled back to wait for Chuck, the guy who would play The Singing Head. He'd called earlier to say he'd been in a car accident, but that he was fine and he'd be there by 7pm. At 8:45 he arrived - turns out the girl who hit him had been talking on her cell phone, and he said she'd been holding it to her ear. Gee, that's a $50 fine here in California!

So we draped Chuck in a black cloth with a black background and put a light under his head. Forty minutes later, we were all done.

Bob and I went our separate ways. I went to Denny's (they're everywhere) and had some dinner, and then came home and fell down.

We'll get together again in a couple weeks and film the "interview" portion of the show. Then it'll be cut-and-splice until the airing in October.

I'll keep you all informed.


Barack Obama is supposed to be all about "change".

Thomas Sowell says Obama's changes are old news.


Ready for this, folks?

According to this article, global warming may increase kidney stones.

Good Lord.


Ever wonder what became of the cast of Home Improvement?

Click here for a slideshow.


Okay. Since we have a private gig on Saturday, I get to work today.


Be seeing you.


3 comments so far

artgnome - 2008-07-17 23:29:08 -
ooo, I hope this show is on youtube. I'd love to see it!


Bright Opal - 2008-07-18 00:10:52 -
I followed your banner to find you. I'm with artgnome - hope to see the fruits of your theatrical labors!


Dave - 2008-07-19 19:34:09 -
Click on the link for "Off The Wall", and you can see the first five episodes of the show. WARNING: In episode #1, I'm shown briefly without a shirt. And in episode #4, I'm briefly shown without pants. Oy, the things I do to make people laugh...


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