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The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

2008-07-21 - 1:18 p.m.

So. Saturday.

We had a private party on Saturday in Laguna Niguel, about thirty miles from home. For convenience and ease-of-handling, I simply left everything in the car from the night before. I woke up in time to watch the Angels take the lead over the Boston Red Sox, and wound up catching the last of the game on the car radio as I drove.

I got to the venue and set up. Bob and Dave arrived and set up. We started at 6pm sharp - and were told we were too loud. So we toned it down for a little while...just long enough for the booze to flow and the dancing to start.

They loved us. We had so many people come up and just gush about how wonderful we were. There were at least twenty requests for business cards. Bob of course only brought six.

We finished at 11pm, broke down, and headed home. I finally got to bed at about 2am.


Then, Sunday.

I had spoken with my boss Saturday morning. It seems that the city of Anaheim would be turning off the power in our grid during the morning so they could make some repairs. They were supposed to be done by noon. We opened at 11, but didn't have any birthday parties until 4pm. With no early parties, I figured the power outages wouldn't disturb too many customers.

The best laid plans of mice and men.

There was a brief cut-off that morning. I got the opening stuff done with no problems. But I saw that the power crew was still on the street at 1pm. I walked over and asked, and got the news - yes, they were going to cut our power again at about 2:30 for a half hour.

I formulated a plan to let the customers know about it, so that the disruption would be minimal. My boss signed off on it, and we got ready.

At 2pm, I went and checked with the city guy. It would be later than 2:30, but he agreed to come let us know thirty minutes before the power cut-off.

Well, 3pm came and went. As did 3:30. I was supposed to leave at 4, but I was the one there who knew how to reboot the network servers and such. I got clearance to stay until it was done (yay, overtime).

At 4pm, the city guy gives us the word. I immediately broadcast over the PA about the power cut-off and started walking around telling the customers what to expect. Thankfully, about 98% understood that it wasn't our fault. A few folks walking in seemed to think that we were going to cut the power, and actually took it kinda personally.

At 4:30 sharp, poof - the games went off and the lights went out. The emergency lights came on, and we had taken the precaution of propping open every door in the place. We weren't in pitch-black, but it was still a cave.

Less than ten minutes later, the power came back on to the cheers of the customers. I quickly reset everything, made sure all was well, and got out of there just before 5pm. I grabbed some dinner and made it home in time to watch the Angels sweep the BoSox.

Then, relieved of all the stress from the day, I collapsed for several hours.


And now, Monday.

I have a few goodies at the PO to pick up this week. One of them will be this item, of which I can only say "it's about fucking TIME". I never got a chance to find out how it ended, and now I can.

So life will be good this week. I hope.

The best laid plans...


Okay, I need to get some lunch before work.

Be seeing you.


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